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Heidelberg (pta033/18.11.2021/16:50) - Highlights:

* Environmental impact assessment for planned coating plant for battery materials in Schwarze Pumpe completed
* Environmentally friendly design features are confirmed
* Overall reduction of CO2 emissions from batteries of up to 52% possible through the use of Altech technology
* Independent green project status assessment by CICERO, Norway commenced

Altech Advanced Materials AG (AAM / the Company) (FRA: AMA1), announces that the recently completed environmental impact assessment of Altech Industries Germany GmbH (AIG), a subsidiary of Altech Chemicals Limited (75%) and Altech Advanced Materials AG (25%) for the battery materials coating plant in Saxony, Germany has been completed. The environmental impact assessment is the subject of the preliminary feasibility study (PFS).

As part of the PFS, AIG conducted a detailed assessment of the carbon dioxide CO2 footprint for the entire life cycle of the ceramic coating plant for battery materials with a capacity of 10,000 tons per year. The plant is to be located in the Schwarze Pumpe Industrial Park, Saxony, Germany, and has been designed with a specific focus on minimizing environmental impacts and in compliance with applicable German, European and international environmental standards. According to the studies, the design of the plant also complies with the Equator Principles, which any future potential project lender would require be met.

Several environmentally friendly design and operational features were considered in the evaluation. These include, among others, the use of 100% green electricity and recycling of the process media, through which almost 100% of the hydrogen chloride can be recovered. Included in the study was the fact that alumina-coated silicon combined with graphite anode battery material would result in a significant increase in the energy storage capacity of lithium-ion batteries. This additional capacity would translate into a lower battery carbon footprint compared to the conventional graphite-anode-only lithium-ion battery. In this part of the assessment, which is crucial for the overall battery manufacturing industry, it was found that coated silicon as an anode material could lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 19% if 5% coated silicon is used in a battery anode. If 20% coated silicon is used, the greenhouse gas saving increases to approximately 52%.

Following this positive environmental assessment, AIG has now commissioned the Centre of International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO) in Norway to conduct an independent assessment of the project and to provide certification. The aim of this assessment is to support the necessary CO2 reduction and related targets of the automotive industry and thus achieve a further competitive advantage of Altech coated battery materials. A similar process has already been carried out by CICERO for Altech's HPA plant in Johor (see Corporate News of 20 May 2020).

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About Altech Advanced Materials AG

Heidelberg-based Altech Advanced Materials AG (ISIN: DE000A2LQUJ6) ("AAM") is an investment company listed in Frankfurt. The company's objective is to participate in the market for lithium-ion batteries and thus in the rapidly growing sector of electromobility as well as in the expected market development for the other applications of high-purity alumina. To this end, Altech Advanced Material AG has acquired a 25% stake in Altech Industries Germany, Dresden, ("AIG"), where a factory for the production of coating material for anode batteries is to be built together with the partner Altech Chemicals Limited, Australia ("ATC"). A feasibility study is currently underway. AIG holds the exclusive rights to use the coating technology for anode materials and the rights to the high purity alumina ("HPA") production technology within the European Union from Altech Australia Pty Ltd, Australia. In addition, AAM holds an option to acquire up to a 49% interest in Altech Australia Pty Ltd, Australia ("Altech") for up to USD100 million. Currently, Altech is a wholly owned subsidiary of ATC. Altech owns the IP rights to the HPA technology as well as being the wholly owned parent company of Altech Chemicals Sn Bd, Malaysia, through which a 4,500 tonne HPA plant is to be built in Johor, Malaysia, and Altech Meckering Pty Ltd, Australia, the company that holds the rights to the kaolin mine from which the raw material for HPA production is sourced.
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