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Ladies Drive founders take off with Ladies Drive Asia and launch in the Asian market

Lutzenberg (ptp011/08.07.2021/10:10) + Ladies Drive Asia GmbH begins cooperation with China's top PR and Marketing agency.

+ First products will already be launched in summer 2021 in the Beijing, Singapore, and Mumbai offices.

+ The Ladies Drive network, knowledge, and experience exchange promote global business among businesswomen.

From Appenzell to Beijing, Singapore, and Mumbai: Swiss Ladies Drive GmbH, the business sisterhood from Switzerland, is taking China, Singapore, and India by storm with its brand new editions. Female business leaders will benefit from international exchange opportunities and strong networks in both worlds. More international chapters are already in the pipeline.

Swiss Ladies Drive GmbH was founded in 2007 by Sandra-Stella Triebl and Sebastian Triebl in Appenzell, Switzerland. Since its inception, the interview-rich and author-driven magazine "Ladies Drive - The Business Magazine for Ladies with Drive" has been continuously expanding in both print and digital formats, uniquely developing in the club, event, and conference sectors for targeted business networking and knowledge transfer for female entrepreneurs, managers, and executives. Now, the founding couple is getting reinforcement from the Chinese entrepreneur Na Geng to grow into the Asian market. Together they founded Ladies Drive Asia GmbH.

Ladies Drive Asia GmbH has already won their first customer and partner and started a long-term cooperation with one of the most renowned and prestigious PR and Marketing agencies in China: the CENBO Group. Its owner Linyi Yu will be involved as the Ladies Drive host for all activities in the Chinese region. Linyi Yu founded the CENBO Group 17 years ago and has been working with various Chinese and international brands ever since. With his agency, Linyi Yu has carried out numerous large-scale and high-profile international projects, the sustainability program of the 2008 Olympic Games being just one of them. For three consecutive years, Linyi Yu has won the titles of "Best Manager" and "Person of the Year in The Public Relations Industry" in China. In 2018, he took on the role of chairman of Scuderia Ferrari Club Beijing China, working independently and on an operative level for the business, with the aim of bringing "High Quality Life" and "Smart Lifestyle" to China.

European origin meets global growth potential

Thanks to this cooperation, Ladies Drive Asia GmbH has employees and offices in premier locations in Beijing, Singapore, and Mumbai. The first products scheduled for this summer's launch in the Asian market are the Ladies Drive League of Leading Ladies, Ladies Drive Webinars and Masterclasses, and Ladies Drive Mentoring Programs. Other products will follow in the coming weeks and months. "Swiss Ladies Drive GmbH brings 14 years of experience in the field of products and services for businesswomen, which only recently seems to have really taken off worldwide. This experience serves as the basis for the new Asian business," explain the two founders of Swiss Ladies Drive GmbH, Sandra-Stella Triebl and Sebastian Triebl.

The people behind Ladies Drive Asia GmbH

Na Geng (born 1979 in Beijing) is a Chinese entrepreneur living in Switzerland who has been bringing European and Chinese companies together to great success since 2005. Her focus is on high-tech and key components, luxury goods, rail vehicles and renewable energies, as well as personnel placement between Europe and China. For 12 years, she has been the leading representative of Chinese companies in Europe as well as European companies in China. In the sectors of train technologies, waste- to-energy technologies, and consumer goods alone, she has moved over 100 million euros of business volume in recent years.

Sebastian Triebl (born 1978 in Salzburg) is a media expert and strategist.

Sandra-Stella Triebl (born 1973 in Zurich, née Knickenberg) is one of the best-connected women in Switzerland and came in 5th in the Handelszeitung "Leaders 2020" poll, just after Alain Berset, Joos Sutter, Roger Federer, and Roland Brack. The entrepreneur has worked in media since the age of 15, including stints at Radio Argovia and Swiss Television, where she played a key role in front of as well as behind the camera during her studies. The Swiss native holds a master's degree in journalism with a minor in biology and political science from the University of Zurich. In 2003, she was responsible for the '200 years of Aargau' celebrations. As the leading project manager and sponsorship delegate of the Aargau government council, she oversaw more than 130 events with a million-dollar budget in the high double digits.

About Swiss Ladies Drive GmbH and the Ladies Drive formats
The Future is Female. Ladies Drive, which is one of the most widely circulated print magazines for businesswomen in the German-speaking world and one of the top business magazines in Switzerland, committed itself very early on to the mission of networking and empowering women in business. Founded in 2007 by Sandra-Stella Triebl and Sebastian Triebl in Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Ladies Drive connects strong women around the world with its event formats "Ladies Drive - Bargespräche", "Female Innovation Forum", as well as the "League of Leading Ladies" (business club and conference), digital webinar and masterclass offerings, and its YouTube channel and blog.

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