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NorCom Information Technology GmbH & Co. KGaA: NorCom launches product for the productive use of individualized Artificial Intelligence throughout the company

München (pta018/21.10.2020/10:29) - With DaSense 2020, NorCom is offering a new product that combines data management with data analysis and enriches it with Artificial Intelligence (AI). DaSense enables companies to quickly and efficiently roll out AI procedures to suit their business processes. These individual AI processes can, in addition to the standard AI modules already integrated in DaSense, be quickly brought into production across the company.

Intelligent AI methods have now reached a level of maturity that qualifies them for productive use in the company. In practice, however, access to AI applications is reserved for data scientists and the widespread productive use in the company is therefore not successful.
DaSense 2020 closes this gap: It enables the productive use of individualized AI throughout the company.

DaSense 2020 works on file-based information, such as natural-language documents, tables, or measurement data, thus allowing texts and table-like information to be linked. DaSense 2020 does this with an architecture optimized for big data and AI. It is consistently designed for processing proba-bilities instead of yes / no information, can connect all com-mon big data and AI backends, and automatically transfers data science evaluations into end-user-friendly applications.

"The intelligent handling of company data is becoming more and more a decisive factor for future business success. Be it developing innovative products, defining new offers for the market, or working with high quality and at the same time efficiently - all of this is based on reliable data analysis, "explains Dr. Tobias Abthoff the motivation for developing the new product. "However, large mass AI applications such as speech recognition or chatbots can only catch up with the competition. Individual AI applications, in turn, are capable of supporting a unique core in a company's business model and thus set the company apart from the competition. DaSense makes these individual applications available throughout the company."

The advantages of DaSense 2020
DaSense supports and automates many work steps through company-specific functions. For example, relevant information is extracted from documents and presented, reports are automatically summarized, documents are filtered and preselected, or relationships are displayed. On the other hand, entire workflows can be automated and KPIs can be calculated automatically from large amounts of data, complex analyzes can be carried out and company-specific reports can be created and sent. Analyzes with DaSense 2020 provide faster and better insights.

Furthermore, a higher quality of work and efficiency are achieved since intelligent automated processes are set in apps. Errors are recognized and eliminated at an early stage. Best practices are available to all employees as a basis for their work. As a result, companies receive impulses for new ideas, products or offers and can implement innovations in the company more quickly.

DaSense 2020 in action
With the new DaSense 2020, NorCom offers a basic solution for companies in all industries. The respective individual functions are implemented within the framework of projects but can also be created by the company itself or by third parties. NorCom customers who work with the previous version of DaSense can easily switch to the new DaSense 2020, as can EAGLE users. DaSense 2020 integrates all functions of the two previous products.


NorCom Information Technology GmbH & Co. KGaA develops and implements big data solutions for international companies. NorCom supports customers in processing and analyzing their data in data centers distributed around the world with the help of modern big data, machine learning and deep learning tools in a productive environment.

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