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Scottish artist David Drain presents his fascinating paintings at the SWISSARTEXPO 2020

He will be exhibiting his original artworks from 20 to 24 August in Zurich's main railway station

Zurich (ptp021/30.07.2020/14:00) The artist David Drain will be represented in Zurich's main station hall during the SWISSARTEXPO from 20 to 24 August 2020 with a selection of three artworks as well as his new artist catalogue. The SWISSARTEXPO is an art festival that offers talented artists from all over the world and from various genres the opportunity to present their works in one of the most visited halls in Europe.

Growing up in the Southern Uplands region of Scotland, David Drain experienced the subtle variations in the quality of light and weather on the intensity and richness of the landscape. Ruins of abandoned factories and old stone buildings with their fascinating historical surfaces have proved to be a constant source of inspiration for him. David first studied engineering at University in Glasgow, living and working across the globe including France, the Middle East, throughout the UK and finally in Switzerland. After a successful career he returned to his passion for art, painting full-time. David's studio and home are in a village close to the Swiss art city of Basel.

The process of creating his unique paintings is for David Drain a journey of discovery and a balance between intention and coincidence, between planned and unplanned, between accident and control. The talented painter creates abstract artworks with contrasting structural elements and overlapping screens of pale colour, as if sun-bleached and washed by the salt of the sea. His multi-layered, structured paintings refer both to a refined minimalism and to a dynamic tension between the intentional and the discovered, the raw and the refined.

At the SWISSARTEXPO 2020 in the SBB Event Hall of Zurich's main station, David Drain will present a selection of his original artworks created using marble paste, charcoal, sand, acrylic, rusty iron and copper. The perfect arrangement of his creations "Seeking Something I, Seeking Something II and Seeking Something III" offer the viewer a series of paintings that seem surprisingly light and ethereal, but are rooted in spatula strokes of dimension and texture. The current art catalogue by David Drain will of course also be available on site to give visitors an even deeper insight into his work.

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