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Claudia Dietschi - harmony, depth and warmth in excellent composition

The Swiss artist will exhibit two abstract artworks in Barcelona from 18th to 22nd March 2020

Zurich/Barcelona (ptp030/06.03.2020/14:00) From 18 to 22 March 2020, Claudia Dietschi will exhibit two abstract artworks alongside with her newly published art catalogue in the Valid World Hall art gallery in Barcelona as part of the ARTBOX.PROJECT Barcelona 1.0. This group exhibition of the ARTBOX.PROJECT series will be a mix of original artworks and digitally presented works by artists from all over the world.

The Swiss born artist Claudia Dietschi has not always been artistically active. She successfully completed her training as a retail saleswoman and traveled for several years with her husband on business in the Middle East. It was not until 2014, during further studies to become an art and painting therapist, that she discovered her passion for painting. She immediately took abstract painting to her heart and has since refined her technique autodidactically and with various painting courses. At the moment she works mainly with pigments, acrylic paints and her personal spatula technique, which gives her works of art their uniqueness. It is very important to her that she does not simply copy the techniques of other artists, but finds her own style. In addition, her pictures should show depth, harmony and warmth. The viewers should feel comfortable in her expressive structures.

In 2015 Claudia Dietschi has moved into her personal art studio in an old castle brewery building in Nürensdorf, Switzerland, where visitors are always welcome. Over 70 of her works can there be viewed and marvelled at live. For the future, Claudia Dietschi would like to expand her studio space to include a café and continue offering painting courses. The latter she already does in small groups, where beginners and advanced students are introduced to new artistic skills and techniques.

Recently Claudia Dietschi also published her new artist catalogue, which can be exclusively viewed in Barcelona along with her colourful artworks "Source of Life" and "Wild Amazon". All art enthusiasts are cordially invited to visit her works of art and the catalogue at the Valid World Hall art gallery at the Buenaventura Muñoz 6 in Barcelona, Spain. The exhibition is open from 18th to 22nd March 2020 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

More information about the creative work of Claudia Dietschi and her painting courses can be found on her website

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