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Abstract worlds during Miami Art Week

Works of art by Rick Hurst will be presented in December during the Miami Art Week

Zurich/Miami (ptp017/29.11.2019/12:00) - The American artist Rick Hurst of St. Petersburg, Florida, announces today that his artwork "Tree of Life" will be digitally exhibited at this year's Miami Art Week as part of the ARTBOX.PROJECT Miami 2.0. The art festival will take place from 2 - 8 December 2019 in Wynwood, right next to the world-renowned Wynwood Walls and the annual Art Basel art fair.

Rick Hurst was born and raised in the Southern state of Mississippi. After over 25 years in federal service, he moved back from Washington D.C. to the Gulf Coast of Alabama. There he began his artistic life anew and founded a studio. Since then, he has participated in numerous art markets and exhibitions and received several awards for his unique works of art.

His photography captures the beauty and spirit of nature and the real world. Along with photographs of his own artworks, he fuses them into digital artworks using multiple exposures, layers, color transformations, and expanded art filters - images that can go through many iterations until he is satisfied. Today he has new tools to express himself as an artist: he works only with his camera and his hands - without brushes, pencils, sprayed acrylic paints, watercolors or oils. His digital artworks are a personal expression of inspiration from the real world, explored and revealed through his own artistic imagination. Hurst feels a magical warmth as a picture emerges and the viewer feels the same way.

His goal is to awaken the curiosity and self-observation of those who view his art, to nourish their inner being and resonate with his art and creativity. He wants to introduce both art lovers and the public to a new and complex medium that they have rarely seen before. Hurst sees digital art as a great artistic leap beyond the world of photography. In this digital age, it can become a new means of expression for itself, independent of your innate artistic talents.

Rick Hurst recently published his new artist catalogue which will be shown in a prime location during Miami Art Week. On 16 pages, he offers readers a unique insight into his artistic work. The catalogue is available at: https://artbox-publish.myshopify.com/products/rick-hurst?_pos=1&_sid=d12c2b093&_ss=r

More information about the artist and his work can be found on his website: https://www.rickhurstart.com

Ansprechpartner: Jenny-Rose Zenklusen
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