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graceNT AG: graceNT AG is going to expand their aldavia® health centers at SeneCura and SeneVita residences

Modern Body & Mind health for Best Agers at senior residences and rehabilitation facilities

Rotkreuz (pta021/03.10.2019/16:42) - Rotkreuz/Vienna -
The Swiss based graceNT AG, headquartered in Rotkreuz (WKN: A14WW0), and SeneCura, located in Austria, have made a non-binding declaration to proceed with the rollout of aldavia® Body & Mind health centers. The parties want to continue their cooperation, which they commenced successfully in Vienna, and now work on further projects in Austria and Switzerland.
aldavia® stands for a modern training and therapy concept aimed at those mindful of their own health. It focuses on issues such as psychological resilience, cognitive performance, physical stability, risk of falling or fracture, Parkinson, dementia or sleeping problems. Thereby, aldavia® has been developed particularly with the generation 50+ in mind.
The SeneCura Group is part of the ORPEA Group and thus one of the key players in senior care and rehabilitation. This cooperation grants graceNT access to a large clientele as well as established locations. SeneCura, in return, profits from the state-of-the-art aldavia® training technology and can present to their residents a revolutionary range of fitness activities. Furthermore, opening the aldavia®c centers to the general public also makes these services accessible to local residents of the respective area.

SeneCura International
SeneCura was founded in Austria in 1998 and has since become a leading provider of care and health services in the private sector. The SeneCura group runs 84 institutions in Austria, providing around 7.500 beds and care home places. The care homes are run under the brand SeneCura, the health institutions under OptimaMed. SeneCura further offers health and social care in Slovenia and the Czech Republic. The company owns one care home in Slovenia and 19 SeneCura SeniorCenters in the Czech Republic. The SeneCura Group further functions as the operations management of the SeneVita Group in Switzerland. With decades of experience and know-how as a developer and operator of institutions specialized in short- and long-term care, the SeneCura Group constitutes a center of competence within the ORPEA Group when it comes to the opening up of new markets in Eastern and Southeast Europe.

graceNT AG
graceNT AG, headquartered in Rotkreuz, Switzerland, has a vision: a world where everyone has easy access to personalized medical technology and can therefore age mindfully, maintaining both their health and zest for life. In order to achieve this, the company invests in innovative, established manufacturers of medical products in the D-A-CH countries.
graceNT AG has invented the triangular "Body & Mind" training principle aldavia®, and is now a pioneer in the field of personalized and integrated training methods for physical and mental wellbeing. Senior residences, health centers, care facilities, medical wellness hotels, and companies are implementing the aldavia® training as part of their in-house services to further the medical and psychological care and support of their residents, clients and employees. This way, they can achieve a reduction of stress, an increase of general wellbeing, and an improvement of vitality and physical fitness. After the successful stock exchange listing, customers can now also become shareholders of the company and can thereby be part of a completely novel and future-oriented health care system.

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