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Dr. Hönle AG: Hönle Group generates operating result of 13.3 million euros

Gräfelfing/München (pta/09.08.2019/08:30 UTC+2) The Hönle Group's sales revenues came to TEur 81,240 in the nine-month period, which is 8.5% below the previous year's figure. The operating result (EBIT) decreased from TEur 19,865 to TEur 13,256, which translates into an EBIT margin of 15.9% (PY: 21.9%). The main reason for the decline in earnings was the lower proportion of adhesives revenues in total sales. Earnings before taxes (EBT) contracted from TEur 19,669 to TEur 13,084. After income taxes, the consolidated net income came to TEur 9,236 (PY: TEur 14,208), which corresponds to earnings per share of Eur 1.69 (PY: Eur 2.58). Consequently, net profit margin dropped from 16.0% to 11.4%.

The Management Board expects the Hönle Group to achieve sales revenues ranging from Eur 105 million to Eur 110 million in the 2018/2019 financial year and an operating result of between 17 million to Eur 19 million after it had assumed that the Group would achieve sales revenues at the lower end of Eur 115 million to Eur 130 million and an operating result ranging at the lower end of between Eur 22 million to Eur 30 million.

As already communicated in the announcement dated 31/07/2019, according to current information, a change in the supplier strategy relative to an application that is important to us will impact adversely on the Hönle Group's sales development in the Adhesives segment. As a consequence, lower sales revenues are expected to be earned from business with a large-scale client in the sensor technology segment.
The Management Board nevertheless predicts a strong business development for the coming years. Both the expansion of existing important customer relationships and the acquisition of new customers, which also includes technology and global market leaders in the electronics, automotive and medical technology segments, are expected to contribute to this development.
Moreover, Hönle succeeded in considerably improving both the quality and the number and volume of customer projects in the Adhesives segment compared with the previous year. The number of products already qualified by customers was also sharply expanded.
In order to accelerate growth, sales capacities in the Adhesives segment will be increased by 35% in the 2019/2020 financial year. Hönle also invests in the expansion of research and development capacities.

Sales and earnings in the Equipment & Systems segment in the 2018/2019 financial year will be lower than in the previous year. This is largely due to a decline in incoming orders from the printing industry.

The Management Board predicts positive sales and earnings development in the Glass & Lamps segment. In addition to the favourable course of business reported by Raesch Quarz (Germany) GmbH, higher sales revenues earned with ballast water disinfection systems at UV-Technik Speziallampen GmbH will contribute to this development.

The full quarterly statement is available at:

About Hönle
Dr. Hönle AG is a listed technology company with head office in Gräfelfing, near Munich. With a staff level of about 600 employees, the Hönle Group develops innovative solutions for different industrial production processes. The equipment is used for drying inks and coatings, curing adhesives and plastics, disinfecting surfaces, and in the simulation of natural sunlight. The company's business activities also include the development and sale of industrial adhesives and sealings. In addition, the group manufactures UV lamps that are used in water sterilisation and for other applications, and produces tubing and semi-finished goods made of quartz glass that are used by various branches of industry. The Hönle Group is represented worldwide in more than 20 countries by own companies and sales partners.


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