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DWH Deutsche Werte Holding AG: Investment in Renewable Energy

DWH participates in Clean Electricity Production

Berlin (pta029/10.04.2019/18:00 UTC+2) In becoming a shareholder in the Greek holding company MAXIMUM TERRA S.A., Deutsche Werte Holding has opened up prospects for a promising field of business. The Berlin investment holding company is now participating in up-to-date, clean electricity production using renewable energy. DWH AG will be involved with project planning, implementation and controlling as well as trade with licenses.


The Greek stock company MAXIMUM TERRA S.A. has acted as a holding company for diverse projects in the renewable energy industry since 2010. The founders of the company are well-known giants in the Greek energy market, having planned projects since 1993 in the wind energy, photovoltaics, biomass and biogas fields with a total volume in excess of 1 gigawatt - a further 360 MW are currently in the project phase. The total budget for the entire 1.36 gigawatts amounts to approximately 2.4 billion Euros. Thus, consumers of and investors in such projects are well-known companies, such as the Italian energy company ENEL and the US-based Libra Group (see:

Investment in Photovoltaics

The DWH is particularly interested in the current project phase for photovoltaic system licenses amounting to 200 MW, for which the ready-to-build status should soon be obtained. This will be implemented and finalised with help from DWH AG, which supports the project planning phase financially as a co-investor. In the short-to-mid-term, finalised licenses for energy companies can be sold or kept for own use by constructing power plants.
The direct selling of 1 MW PV license brings in an average of 100,000 Euros, depending on the market situation. Alternatively, a 25 MW power station, for example, generates enough electricity for an average sales turnover of 2 million Euros per year. Depending on the strategy, MAXIMUM TERRA S.A. can either implement a short-term one-off profit by trading licenses or generate approx. 17 million Euros per year by completing PV systems. A set minimum term of 20 years corresponds with a total turnover of 340 million Euros.

Mazars sees the Investment Projects as positive

The renowned, multinational auditing company Mazars was selected to audit the Greek holding company MAXIMUS TERRA S.A. Along with the general evaluation of investment projects, Mazars will also carry out intense auditing of project planning phases.
Along with the structuring of budgets and timeframes, this also includes the obligatory milestones such as land area permits, agreements with power grid suppliers or temporally and financially binding acceptance guarantees.
Due to comprehensive and specific issues that such an investment brings with it, DWH as an investor placed great importance on investment in a company with long-standing traditions and a wealth of experience on one hand, and having a specialist at hand for due diligence on the other, one who can check facts and numbers as an external, neutral party.


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