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DWH Deutsche Werte Holding AG: DWH plans to invest in renewable energy in the near future

Berlin (pta024/29.03.2019/12:00 UTC+1) DWH Deutsche Werte Holding AG is planning an investment in renewable energies in the form of a company investment in the Greek holding company MAXIMUS TERRA S.A. DWH has been in negotiations with MAXIMUS for several months.
Deutsche Werte Holding would like to be involved in trading the licences, the project planning and realisation of the power plants and is therefore planning to acquire shares.

MAXIMUS TERRA S.A. - Focus on clean energy generation

MAXIMUS TERRA S.A. is a Greek stock company, which acts as a holding company for various renewable energy projects. The owners of the holding company are established players in the Greek energy market and have been involved in various projects since 1992. To date, a total of more than 1.5 gigawatts have been projected in the fields of wind energy, photovoltaics, biomass and biogas plants.
Customers of the projects are well-known companies such as the Italian energy group ENEL or the Libra Group from the USA.
The company itself currently holds more than 400 hectares of environmentally approved land, which are legitimized for the construction of plants for the purpose of generating energy from renewable energy sources.

Examination to be completed soon

The investment proposal of the project is currently under review by Mazars Consulting firm. "The Company's audit will soon be completed. At the same time, we are already engaged in intensive contract negotiations. I hope that we will soon reach a common denominator with MAXIMUS", says René Pernull, CEO of DWH AG.

Modern and clean power generation

DWH is particularly interested in a partnership in the field of electricity generation through photovoltaics and solar thermal energy. Among other things MAXIMUS plans to build the first solar thermal power plant in Greece - a kind of solar power plant, in which solar energy is first used to generate heat, from which mechanical energy is generated with a steam turbine plant and finally converted into electrical energy in a generator. The project planning has already been completed, licenses are available just like the know-how. At present, only a suitable investor is being sought.
There is a definite need for such projects - not least because of the EU regulation RED II, which stipulates that by 2030 32 % of the EU-wide energy demand must be covered by renewable energies.


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