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a.i.s. AG: Interim report / quarterly report for 16.11.15

a.i.s. AG with focus on integrated energy projects

Berlin (pta022/16.11.2015/20:05 UTC+1) During the third quarter 2015 a.i.s. AG could achieve decisive steps in new project acquisitions including customer relations. Different major export projects, in which the company is expected to join, are in preparation and various technical and commercial objectives clarified for the financing and bid process. Prerequisite were the announced projects in the field of environmental technology where the demand for environmental Waste to energy products is increasing, in the context of a growing demand of water treatment technology.

In addition, a technical feasibility study to support a transformation process from green waste into synthetic fuels is now a solid base for new applications and huge improvement potential the operation of biogas plants. The systematic is now being offered as add on within the sales-process. Nevertheless this could not yet lead to sales figures however improve the company's position on the market and will boost the project in Poland. The previously announced relocation of the company to Berlin was intended to promote synergies in connection with this method. It has been achieved within the reporting period.

The company has posted losses in the reporting quarter in the amount of Eur 20.74. The key issues are administrative and selling expenses.

The a.i.s. AG has thus more focused in the reporting period on activities on project development, without neglecting the energy sector. The expectation of the project financing has not yet been reached, but the expectation is still high to get this now being implemented in the short term.

The a.i.s. AG with business origin in waste disposal technique adapts to the market, to meet the increasing demand of energy from renewable and recycled products. The company is dedicated to the energy production and supply from renewable raw materials and disposed of their own interests and project expertise to sell energy as a provider. The company supports technical process of technology partners from its network with which a stable eco-friendly energy supply for communities and small industries is ensured. The company is also active in commodity and energy trading as well.


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