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MindMatics: First European-wide mobile campaign with QR Code Mosaics for EA

Mobile QR Code Mosaics on advertising columns in three cities

Munich/Cologne/Hamburg (pts010/13.10.2008/10:30) Deployment of on advertising columns in three cities for the launch of SPORE

MindMatics AG is launching the first European-wide campaign via Mobile QR Mosaic posters for the launch of the Electronic Arts game, SPORE. Initially, mosaics composed of characters from SPORE along with around 2000 selectable QR Codes will be deployed on large posters on advertising columns in Munich, Cologne and Hamburg. For the first time, codes with additional links were fully integrated into the poster's design theme.

By the end of November 2008, young buyers in particular will have been targeted. Through the QR Code Mosaics, several passers-by can find out more information about the new game via their mobile phone at the same time. Passers-by scan the QR Code and a link is then sent to their mobile phone for the EA Portal, where they can find more information about SPORE and download a voucher for the game.

"Our aim is to target technophile buyers for our games by using modern technology," said Jörg Brand, Product Marketing Manager of EA. "Access rates to the mobile portal are increasing through specifically the mobile poster campaign. The new way in which the QR Codes are embedded in the poster design creates an excellent fusion of classic advertising and digital approaches."

The QR Codes composed of mosaics are initially being deployed in Europe. Previously, only QR codes applied to individual media were used in the advertising industry.

"Until now, the innovative QR Codes have been strongly technology-based and used for print media," said Joachim Bader, Vice President of Mobile Marketing at MindMatics. "We have searched for an innovative solution for EA, which combines high aesthetic and creative requirements with technical innovation."

About MindMatics:

MindMatics is one of Europe's leading providers for the development and implementation of mobile services. As a full service provider, MindMatics is active in three areas: mobile messaging and payment, mobile Internet and mobile marketing. More than 500 businesses throughout Europe have realised their mobile services with MindMatics. Customers include Unilever, T-Mobile, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, ProSieben, Vodafone. MindMatics was founded in March 2000 and employs over 130 staff at its offices in Munich, Cologne, Vienna, London and Los Angeles.

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