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Mindmatics once again in charge of SMS voting for the "Eurovision Dance Contest"

Task of processing the international voting in eleven European countries

Glasgow (pts013/05.09.2008/10:00) MindMatics AG has once again been commissioned by digame mobile GmbH in Cologne to manage the SMS voting for the second "Eurovision Dance Contest" in Glasgow via its central platform in Munich. This coming Saturday, viewers from a total of 14 European countries will be able to vote for their choice of winner via SMS or televoting. The competition is organised by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), and the contract partner for the execution of the technical services is digame mobile.

Just 15 minutes for viewers from 14 countries to vote for their choice of winner this coming Saturday. In the course of this, MindMatics in Munich will receive up to 15 000 SMS votes per second from 11 countries securely and error free and analyse them according to country and candidate. Within two minutes the packaged results will be forwarded to Digame mobile's pan European platform in Cologne. The votes from landline calls will be added here, which will then be converted into the corresponding number of points for each country and then sent to the competition venue in Glasgow.

"Large scale events like this always represent a particular challenge," said Steffen Ruppert, Vice President of Messaging and Interactive Services at MindMatics. "Because of the large number of countries taking part, a fast and problem-free execution of the mass voting, along with technology capable of processing a high volume of SMS within seconds, reliable service partners and well established processes are prerequisites for success. We are therefore very pleased that we are able to support the EBU and Digame mobile for the ninth time for the processing of international televoting," continued Ruppert. MindMatics also works alongside digame mobile for the televoting for the music competition, "The Eurovision Song Contest".

About MindMatics:
MindMatics is one of Europe's leading providers for the development and implementation of mobile services. As a full service provider, MindMatics is active in three areas: mobile messaging and payment, mobile Internet and mobile marketing. More than 500 businesses throughout Europe have realised their mobile services with MindMatics. Customers include Unilever, T-Mobile, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, ProSieben, Vodafone. MindMatics was founded in March 2000 and employs over 130 staff at its offices in Munich, Cologne, Vienna, London and Los Angeles.

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