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The Obesity Epidemic - A Lack of Hormones to blame?

Vienna (pts043/08.11.2006/13:25) - What could be observed in the USA during the last several decades is now happening in Europe: Changing eating habits account for a steadily increasing obesity problem. Diseases like Myocardial Infarction, Diabetes and certain types of cancer can be the result of being overweight. Fast food - in particular - can be blamed for causing health problems as it contains a lot a carbohydrates and unhealthy trans-fatty acids.

"Today even very young people develop obesity. In earlier days "lazy hormone glands" were often blamed for causing weight problems. Of course this was, in most cases, an excuse from people who ate too much and exercised too little. But there is also some truth in it. In most obese people some hormonal disbalance can be found", says DDr. Heinrich, Vienna based cosmetic surgeon and specialist in hormonal regeneration and weight loss therapies. This disbalance can be both the cause and the result of weight gain. In most cases the problems start with a hormonally caused disposition to weight gain. Combined with over-eating and lack of exercise this problem may well become self-amplifying.

Before starting attempts to loose weight, a thorough laboratory analysis of the various hormone levels should be carried out. In case of a major hormone imbalance, lasting weight reduction will be very difficult to reach solely by diet and exercise. The notorious yoyo-effect will very likely inhibit sustained weight reduction. In such cases targeted treatment of hormonal imbalance - if possible with human identical hormones - offers a fast and reliable solution: In a few weeks the patient will loose some weight without severe dietary restrictions. In most cases considerable reduction of high glycaemic carbohydrate intake will be sufficient.

The use of hormones in weight reduction offers a good example of how younger adults can profit from targeted hormonal substitution. Of course, any hormone therapy should only be carried out by an experienced physician and should always be accompanied by a change in dietary habits and a well planned exercise routine.

More information on http://www.ddrheinrich.com , http://www.hormonalregeneration.com

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