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QLUPOD AG: Qlupod AG digitises the share register

Herisau (pta022/11.06.2024/14:00 UTC+2)

Qlupod AG digitises the share register

Published on 11. June 2024 by Qlupod AG

Herisau, Switzerland Qlupod AG (

Qlupod AG digitises the share register

Qlupod AG has had its own ISIN CH1222316429 and securities identification number (WKN) A3D4AR since December 2022. Qlupod AG has issued a total of 10,000,000 shares. As a start-up in the software and health tech sector, QluPod AG is also subject to the legal requirements for maintaining a share register for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The share register consists of a share register for the registered shares and a separate register of beneficial owners. The legal regulations can be found in the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO) in Articles 686 and 697.

Digitalisation and cooperation

The law does not specify the form in which the share register must be kept. Whether electronically, as an Excel file or in paper form - any type of record is permitted. However, the management of Qlupod AG quickly recognised the advantages of a digital share register:

  • Simple and prompt recording and modification of data
  • The latest version available at all times
  • All transactions are mapped in a traceable manner
  • Compliance with the legal framework and retention periods
  • Secure data storage and audit compliance
  • Simple use and processing of data
  • Online dispatch and download of relevant documents such as deposit statement or tax certificate

In order to comply with legal requirements and to reduce the administrative workload, Qlupod AG announces that it is entering into a cooperation with the company KKD Kommunikation GmbH from June 2024. The company is better known in Switzerland under the brand "". With more than 2,000 registered SME companies, it is the leading digitised share register in Switzerland.

Advantages for shareholders

With this cooperation, Qlupod AG fulfils the legal requirements for maintaining a share register. On the other hand, the digital share register creates a maximum overview for shareholders. This is ensured by personal access for each shareholder, which gives investors a full overview of their shareholdings and their current value in real time after logging in. Personal data can be changed online independently so that it is always up to date. This ensures that all shareholders are reliably reached and promptly informed about important events in the company. At the same time, investors can send messages to the company or ask questions about outstanding issues online.

Do you need a tax value notification or a dividend certificate? You can download these and other documents quickly and easily from the digital share register at any time and use them for your tax return or other purposes without having to wait. The securities account statement is sent to you automatically once a year.

Hybrid General Meeting

Another advantage of the digitalised share register is the possibility of holding a hybrid Annual General Meeting. Shareholders receive the invitation and the annual report by email. The minutes of the Annual General Meeting and the resolutions passed can also be prepared online and sent to shareholders. Voting on resolutions in real time with presentation mode is possible for both a video general meeting and a meeting in person.

"While we are continuously working on the further development of the QluPod health monitor and the QluPod app as well as on the progress of our company, we attach great importance to maximising transparency and the well-being of our shareholders. We are aware that shareholders in particular are one of the most important pillars of an up-and-coming start-up. Therefore, with the introduction of the digital share register, we want to improve communication with our investors and expand our communication channels," explains Nikola Trajanov, Interim CEO and Partner of Qlupod AG.

About Qlupod:

Qlupod AG is a start-up company in the field of telemedicine and develops innovative solutions to make patient care efficient and cost-effective. With the QluPod device and the associated software, the company is endeavouring to shape the future of healthcare. The offering is aimed at hospitals, care facilities, medical professionals and private individuals who want to monitor their health independently.

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