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Bloxolid AG: Operating Results for April 2024

Zug (pta046/28.05.2024/15:45 UTC+2)

Zug/Switzerland, 28 May, 2024 - Bloxolid AG (WKN: A3CPM1, ISIN: CH1112477067 - Stock Exchange: Stuttgart, - Free Market: MON) – Company announces cross-proceeds for April 2024.

Bloxolid AG is pleased to present its operational results for April 2024, demonstrating stability in key areas of the company's operations.

Key Highlights:

- Proceeds for April 2024 decreased by 1% MoM (decreased by 12% YoY) to US$ 20,145

- Total Downloads for April 2024 decreased by 3% MoM (decreased by 5% YoY) to 42,121

- The number of paying users for April 2024 grew by 6% MoM (decreased by 6% YoY) to 119

- Proceeds per paying user for April 2024 decreased by 3% MoM (decreased by 6% YoY) to US$ 5.64

- Installs for April 2024 grew by 199% MoM (grew by 256% YoY) to 24,176

- Impressions for April 2024 decreased by 16% MoM (grew by 47% YoY) to 883,186.


Proceeds – the estimated amount of proceeds the developer will receive from their sales, minus Apple's commission. May not match final payout due to final exchange rates and transaction lifecycle.

Total Downloads – the number of first-time downloads and redownloads on devices with iOS, macOS, tvOS, or visionOS.

Paying users – the number of unique users that paid for the app or an in-app purchase.

Proceeds by paying users – calculated by dividing total proceeds (including in-app purchases) by paying users (daily average).

Installs – the total number of times the app has been installed. Includes redownloads and restores on the same or different device, downloads to multiple devices sharing the same Apple ID, and Family Sharing installations.

Impressions – the number of times the app's icon was viewed on the App Store on devices running iOS 8, macOS 10.14.1, tvOS 9, visionOS 1.0, or later.


Emitter: Bloxolid AG
Baarerstrasse 78
6300 Zug
Contact Person: Mathias Schmid
Phone: +41 41 677 04 00
ISIN(s): CH1112477067 (Share)
Stock Exchange(s): Free Market in Munich, Stuttgart