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New ride-sharing-platform online in 35 European countries

Protect the environment - Save money - Meet new people

Salzburg, Austria (pts046/18.10.2006/15:00) In line with the slogan "we bring europe together" the new ride-sharing-platform went online in 35 European countries. Drivers and passengers can find each other to organize carpools. This service is absolutely free of charge!

Everybody can make a contribution to the protection of our environment, share costs and meet new and interesting people by riding in a carpool.

Ludwig Hofmann, Managing Director of GmbH in Salzburg, Austria, points out that car pools are the solution to three main problems of our modern society:

3 Problems - 3 Solutions

Even with rising environmental awareness and climate programs the pollution of the environment is continuing. Every ride you can avoid reduces the pollution of carbondioxide and helps to improve our air and our habitat.

Rising petrol prices leave little money in the purses of mobile people. Drivers can reduce their costs by getting a contribution fee from passengers while passengers can reduce costs in avoiding other expensive means of transportation.

Our society becomes more and more virtual. Everybody knows weblogs, forums or chatrooms; to make an appointment for lunch with our office colleagues we send e-mails. Direct conversations are reduced to a minimum. Now, riding in a carpool brings you back to direct speech: "face to face" and far from just exchanging data with computers.

Less pollution - Cost savings - More Communication

The idea of carpools is not new, but it is increasingly necessary in our modern and mobile times. Many people are mobile and waste more and more resources. A look on our streets shows that too many cars are driven by one single person. Approximately 30 kilograms of carbondioxide pollution are avoided by riding in a carpool over a distance of 300 kilometers. Every single passenger reduces pollution by not riding his own car. It´s an easy calculation: more persons per car = less cars = less pollution

The second advantage of carpools is cost-sharing. High raw material prices empty the purses of everyone, but no one wants to reduce the mobility we are used to: be it a student driving home or a commuter driving to work every day. So how can they find a win-win situation? The solution is carpools. Easy calculation: more persons per car = less euro per km = everybody saves more money

Last but not least, personal and direct communication is the third advantage of carpools. Even if users get in touch with the services of an online-platform, they soon leave virtual reality and get in direct contact. Carpools can not avoid virtual isolation but can help to meet some interesting people on a journey or a ride to work. Final calculation: more persons per car = more communication is exclusively financed by online advertising and by selling the technology to other internet-platforms and websites. For example, Tyrol, a western province of Austria, has integrated (the Austrian version of ) on its page . Tyrol wants to support local commuters in organizing carpools.

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Ing. Mag. Ludwig H. Hofmann
Managing Director
Tel: +43 664 519 5950

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