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The Austrian artist Christina Mitterhuber presents her art at the SWISSARTEXPO 2020

In her works of art in abstract style she dedicates herself to the warm feelings of life

Zurich (ptp011/28.07.2020/10:00) The Austrian artist Christina Mitterhuber will be represented with two of her artworks and her new artist catalogue in the Zurich Main Station Hall during the SWISSARTEXPO from 20 to 24 August 2020. The SWISSARTEXPO is an art festival that offers talented artists the opportunity to present their works in one of the most visited halls in Europe.

Christina Mitterhuber had produced around 1000 paintings over 30 years before she decided to present them publicly. It was not until 2018 that she made the decision to make her works accessible to the public. She held her first exhibition in one of the best galleries in Vienna and since then she has participated in over 20 national and international exhibitions and art fairs throughout Europe. In retrospect, she is grateful that she listened to her intuition and waited until she felt ready to publish her works of art. This enabled her to take the step into the art world filled with energy and confidence.

"WE in red - A fragment of Life's heart"

Since 2018 Mitterhuber has been working on the series "WE in red", which to date counts 58 paintings in abstract style. The series was inspired by Frédéric Chopin's Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 and is dedicated solely to the good feelings of life, such as passion, courage, diligence, sensitivity and, above all, love. "Only the good notes," as Mitterhuber puts it in words. A painting from the series "WE in red" will be presented to the public in digital form for the first time during the SWISSARTEXPO. Afterwards, the artist will continue her journey around the world with works from the series "WE in red". She has already been accepted for the XIII Biennale di Roma 2020 and is planning exhibitions at Red Dot Miami Art Fair 2020 and Grand Art Milan 2020, among others.

In addition to her two artworks, the new artist catalogue of Christina Mitterhuber will also be available during the SWISSARTEXPO to give visitors an even deeper insight into her creative work. All art lovers are cordially invited to visit Christina Mitterhuber's works of art and the art catalogue personally from 20 to 24 August 2020 in the SBB Event Hall at Zurich Main Station.

Christina Mitterhuber's catalogue can now also be ordered on and on Amazon.

More information about the artistic work of Christina Mitterhuber can be found on her website at

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