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The Zurich main station is becoming colourful

In August 2019, over 100 artists will lend Zurich Central Station a unique splendour of colour

Zurich (ptp029/23.07.2019/16:00) The countdown has begun - in less than a month, the Swiss Arts Festival SWISSARTEXPO will take place for the first time in the Central Station Hall in the heart of Zurich.

From 15 to 19 August 2019, the exhibition will present a broad spectrum of national and international artists from all over the world with a wide variety of backgrounds and styles. The focus is entirely on the promotion of young and emerging artists. The new concept of the SWISSARTEXPO is primarily aimed at offering young artists a platform for their art in a forward-looking and contemporary way. The organisers are also taking an important step in this direction by consciously and prominently integrating new technologies such as virtual reality into the art exhibition.

"Among other things, visitors will have the opportunity to walk through art installations or paintings via VR. This is a completely new way to show art and clearly stands out from the classic exhibition types. However, we find it important to find ways in which artists can also benefit from the new innovations and we are excited to see how the public will react. We are also very pleased that we have found many fantastic partners to support us in our new concept," explains Patricia Zenklusen, CVO of SWISSARTEXPO.

In addition to virtual reality and the original works of art on display, there will be many other attractions for visitors to the "Creative Garden". The Creative Garden is the interactive part of the exhibition where you can try your hand at art in many variations. Admission is free for everyone.

The highlight of the art festival is the ART PARTY, which takes place on Saturday 17 August from 18:30 in the middle of the exhibition. Here artists, art lovers and all those who like to enjoy a cool drink, come together to toast a successful exhibition with live music and live performances.

Tickets for the ART PARTY can be purchased free of charge at: http://www.swissartexpo.com/tickets

These are the official partners of SWISSARTEXPO:

* ArtNight
* Bartholet Maschinenbau
* Bergbahnen Flumserberg
* Hauser Living
* Nespresso
* Pixora
* Samsung - The Frame
* Seeholzer Hifi-Video AG
* Blick
* Radio 1
* Maocial

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