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Euro Asia Premier Real Estate Company Ltd.: Euro Asia is heading to new direction with further acquisition and management changes

Mr. Shen Jie takes over as CEO of Euro Asia, Ms. Sun Yao appointed as CFO

Hong Kong, SAR PR of China, 20 Sept., 2016 (pta028/20.09.2016/17:05 UTC+2) Euro Asia Premier Real Estate Company Limited (JT9; ISIN: VGG3223A1057) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Shen Jie to the Board of Directors. Mr. Shen will also assume the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

Mr. Shen is the CEO and a co-founder of Yanxi Industrial Shanghai Company Ltd ("Yanxi"), the principal subsidiary which was acquired for a consideration of 1.26 million Euro Asia shares valued at 6.85 Euro per share as at June 30, 2016.

Furthermore, Euro Asia is also pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Sun Yao as the Chief Financial Officer of the group. Ms. Sun is stationed in Germany and will report directly to Mr. Shen. She will co-ordinate all aspects of fund raising together with establishing communication with the investment community in Europe. Ms. Sun Yao holds a German MBA and is fluent in German and English.

As part in parcel of the Yanxi acquisition, Euro Asia has acquired Ever Express Trading International Limited ("Ever Express"), a Hong Kong incorporated company for the nominal value of 10.00 HKD (1.25 Euro) from Mr. Leon Lai. Ever Express will pursue the formation of a sino-foreign joint venture and perfect the acquisition Yanxi of June 30, 2016. Mr. Lai will remain as the General Manager of Ever Express and report to Ms. Sun. Ever Express was an inactive business prior to our acquisition.

Mr. Daniel Zhang has resigned from the Company as Director and CFO effective immediately. The Company thanks Mr. Zhang for steering Euro Asia in the critical acquisition of Yanxi and the successful private placement in July, 2016. Mr. Zhang is available to the Company for consultation if and when needed in the future.

Patrick Chan, Director and former CEO of Euro Asia, says, "With all these appointments , I have effectively passed the baton. The new management team is representing the new Euro Asia, that was formed and by the successful acquisition and private placement in July, 2016 . We are extremely proud of the transition we made in Euro Asia. We look forward to Mr. Shen's leadership and to have him and Ms. Sun representing the Company and its new direction to our investors."

Audited financial statements for the years ending 31 December 2014, 2015, and 6 months ending 30 June, 2016 is expected to be published by the end of September, 2016.

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About Euro Asia
Euro Asia is a trading company which provides an efficient supply chain management, dealing with major metal depositary agencies, financial institutions and large PRC industrial companies. It deals with both sourcing and supplying airplane parts, base metals and other chemical as well as industrial products. It is able to source a more efficient costs and delivery on a very cost competitive level. More information will be provided under shortly.


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