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Gentlemen's Equity S.A.: Gentlemen's Equity launches Capital Increase

New shares to draw until 24 September 2016

Lisboa / Paris / Zurich (pta029/05.09.2016/15:30 UTC+2) Gentlemen's Equity S.A., a listed investment holding based in Portugal (ISIN: PTGVE1AE0009) invites its shareholders to draw fresh shares. The capital increase was decided on 22 March and published on 25 August 2016 on The subscription period will run until 24 September 2016. Until then up to 1,500,000 euros in fresh capital will flow into the company.

Up to 10,000,000 new uncertificated shares with a nominal value of EUR 0.05 per share are to be issued at the price of EUR 0.15 per share with dividend rights from 1.1.2016. Each shareholder is entitled to subscribe new shares on a pro rata basis to his existing shares until 24 September - with a ratio of 6:1. The payment has to be made within 5 days after the expiration of the subscription period (09/30/2016) to the trust account of Gentlemen's Equity SA.

Shares, which have not been drawn within this period will be proportionately divided among those shareholders who wish to subscribe for more shares. For this purpose there is a new deadline of 15 days after the 30-day subscription period, up to and including 10 October 2016. The payment of these shares must take place within 5 days of the end of the allocation period, ie up to and including 17/10/2016.

The new Chairman of GE, Nikola Trajanov, explained the capital increase with new investment options. "We have to be prepared for future acquisitions. For the continuous development of our markets and networks we need a capital cushion. This ultimately serves to safety and the planned business growth," said Trajanov.

General Assembly on 25 October in Basel

The results of the capital increase and the priorities of the new board and management of Gentlemen's Equity S.A. will be presented at the General Assembly on 25 October 2016 in Basel (Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois, Basel 4001, from 16.00).

About Gentlemen's equity S.A.

Gentlemen's Equity SA is a multinational investment holding company based in Lisbon, it is listed on the stock exchanges Paris and ENX (ISIN: PTGVE1AE0009). The Company participates in international companies in the fields of e-commerce, energy & environment, sports & entertainment, and in the luxury environment. The investment focus is on companies that operate innovative, sustainable and lucrative or face a promising market.

Gentlemen's equity S.A.
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