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Air Miles goes for a new way of health insurance

Air Miles offers their exclusive card holders a new way of health insurance

U.A.E, Dubai (pts044/01.06.2005/15:10) - Air Miles is the first company within the UAE which offers their members a new way of health insurance.

The idea of vibration training originates from the Russian space program, where it was used to improve bone mineral density and reinforce the muscles of their cosmonauts. These days, the biomechanical aspects are widely used in the medical field for the prevention and treatment of different types of illnesses and injuries. Besides this in the fitness, beauty and wellness fields as Power-Plate proves to be an excellent tool for the "un trainables".

Whether you need a treatment for Anti-Aging, toning, Osteoporosis, rehabilitation, building up muscles or a program for combating cellulite. Power-Plate is your insurance for a better and healthier life. Training is proven to enhance each individual's general well-being and the quality of day-to-day life.

To date, millions of people train with this revolutionary equipment. The Power-Plate won already several awards in the sports, beauty and wellness industries in the last five years. Just now awarded as the Best Anti-Aging machine at the FIBO, world's largest fitness fair in Germany.

It's effective, safe, user-friendly and takes very little space.

With just one push, the New-Age Power-Plate generates vibrations that are transferred from the platform into the body. These vibrations cause a reflex contraction of the activated muscles and train every muscle group of the entire body. The static strain and reflex stimulation of the muscle are extremely efficient, so that training sessions are very short. The 10 minute Result!

Muscles will contract and expand up to 50 times per second. Compared to traditional training methods, exercises performed achieve far better results in less time and with no extra effort. With no sweat and long-haul strains.

"The Power-Plate device seems revolutionary. The first time I tried it, I was amazed at how it worked and heard very positive remarks from other users. We are happy to tie up with the Power-Plate and offer Air Miles members a truly unique device at an exclusive price". Mr. Asif Osman, Air Miles Middle East.

"Whether you are a sport-hater, top athlete, un-trained, elderly or over-weight, the Power-Plate will improve everybody!" said Nelke van Aspert, Managing Director, Power-Plate Middle East.

Aussender: Power-Plate Middle East
Ansprechpartner: Nelke van Aspert
Tel.: +971 4 394 00 76
E-Mail: pva@power-plateme.com
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