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Extrafin SpA: Extrafin Spa Board Approves 2023 Financial Statements

Udine (pta011/02.04.2024/09:15 UTC+2)

The Board of Directors of Extrafin Spa, during the meeting on March 27, 2024, approved the financial statements as of December 31, 2023, which show the following results:

SHARE CAPITAL1.199.150,00+ 19,915%
NET EQUITY1.884.414,00+ 29,773%
FIXED ASSETS2.457.348,00+ 15,438%
REVENUES353.532,00+ 103,579%
COSTS302.115,00+ 90,444%
NET PROFIT1.820,00- 72,416%

It was highlighted that the company operated efficiently and achieved more than satisfactory financial results during the 2023 financial year, despite the challenging economic context and the fact that real estate assets were recorded in the balance sheet at their purchase cost rather than their real market value. In particular, the groundwork has been laid to aim, in the three-year period 2025/2027, at achieving pre-established growth objectives. Measures have been adopted to contain costs and improve operational efficiency by seeking territorial and sector-exclusive partners with demonstrated professional skills and innate production capabilities.

The data, indicators, and initiatives outline a healthy company that is growing and intends to continue achieving challenging objectives, creating value, and reaffirming itself as a prepared and reliable participant in the extraordinary finance sector, aimed at supporting the real economy.

"We are expanding our scope of activity as part of an investment and development program, relying on advancing indicators and an increasingly solid capital base to support constant growth", states Luigi Romano, President of the Board of Directors.

The Board also carefully assessed the existence of business continuity requirements and expressed confidence in the company's ability to maintain its operations in the medium to long term, based on the development prospects outlined by company management and the resources derived from the completion of the social capital. This completion, in addition to fulfilling the investments envisaged by the industrial plan, will allow the implementation of adequate organizational, administrative, and accounting structures essential to continuing to guarantee business continuity as has occurred to date. These elements already provide the structure and mechanisms needed to manage resources, make informed decisions, and adapt to changing market conditions.

Regarding the use of an external statutory auditing company, the Board, as already verified in the past, confirms the absence of this obligation for the type of market where its shares have been listed, without compromising the quality and integrity of market-facing information.

With this resolution, the Board of Directors confirms its commitment to ensuring the transparency, efficiency, and sustainability of the company's operations, respecting the interests of shareholders and stakeholders.


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