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SLM Solutions Group AG: MAN Energy Solutions relies on the SLM® NXG XII 600

SLM® NXG XII 600 strengthens additive manufacturing capacities at MAN Energy Solutions' plant.

Lübeck (pta031/18.07.2023/17:06 UTC+2)

MAN Energy Solutions relies on the SLM® NXG XII 600 – Premiere in Europe: The new SLM® NXG XII 600 strengthens additive manufacturing capacities at MAN Energy Solutions' Oberhausen plant.

18th of July, 2023 – A significant leap forward in turbomachinery and engine production is upon us as MAN Energy Solutions amplifies their additive manufacturing capabilities with the SLM® NXG XII 600 at their Oberhausen plant. This plant has been a central hub for 'Additive Manufacturing' (AM) innovation since mid-2019, leveraging among other AM machineries a SLM 280 series printer to produce thousands of components successfully. From November 2022, MAN Energy Solutions has been harnessing the power of the NXG XII 600, first at SLM Solutions' headquarters in Lübeck, and since February at their Oberhausen plant. The advanced printer, heavily favored by US space companies for mission-critical components, is now steering Europe's leading turbomachinery builder towards a leap in additive manufacturing.

The possibilities of metallic 3D printing at MAN Energy Solutions are hardly limited due to the high product variance. "The expansion of the company's own manufacturing capabilities will allow the range of components to be extended on the one hand and the productivity of the existing applications to be increased on the other", says Michael Kleinhenz, Head of the Supply Chain and Production at MAN Energy Solutions in Oberhausen.

"Each new generation of printers is expanding our additive manufacturing capabilities". explains Anders Such as Head of Additive Manufacturing in Oberhausen, which also includes laser welding. "For example, the new installation space of 600 mm x 600 mm x 600 mm on the NXG enables the Industries business unit to additively manufacture small housings". A total of 12 lasers with 1000 watts each in parallel operation ensure that the NXG produces components six times as fast as the used 280 model with consistent quality. With its impressive capabilities, the NXG XII 600 is poised to slash delivery times for housings produced by the Industries business unit by a factor of 3 to 4.

Development potential can be expected with regard to topology-optimized components. "Thanks to the newly enabled geometric freedom, designs can be further optimized in terms of availability, performance, service life, costs and service," explains site manager Dr. Sven-Hendrik Wiers, Head of Engineering at MAN Energy Solutions in Oberhausen. "We are on the threshold of a new age where traditional manufacturing constraints are being overturned by AM. It's time to adopt an additive perspective at the start of the product lifecycle and reimagine geometries".

"In the relentless quest to decarb industry, we at SLM Solutions are thrilled to stand alongside MAN Energy Solutions as they transcend conventional manufacturing boundaries and mold the future of the industry", posits Remarks Ralf Frohwerk, Global Head of Business Development at SLM Solutions Group AG.

MAN Energy Solutions uses AM for various applications, including parts of compressors, turbines, two-stroke engines, turbochargers, and four-stroke engines. The company's use of AM covers the entire range of machines in new construction and service. On the application side, additive methods are currently being researched for hydrogen, among other things. The use of additive manufacturing for components of gear compressors, which MAN Energy Solutions uses for CCUS, i.e. technologies for the capture, storage and use of CO2, is also being tested on the application side.

About MAN Energy Solutions

MAN Energy Solutions enables its customers to achieve sustainable value creation in the transition towards a carbon neutral future. Addressing tomorrow's challenges within the marine, energy and industrial sectors, we improve efficiency and performance at a systemic level. Leading the way in advanced engineering for more than 250 years, we provide a unique portfolio of technologies. Headquartered in Germany, MAN Energy Solutions employs some 14,000 people at over 120 sites globally. Our after-sales brand, MAN PrimeServ, offers a vast network of service centres to our customers all over the world.

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