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NorCom Information Technology GmbH & Co. KGaA: NorCom and Fujitsu cooperate on AI open-source solution for authorities

München (pta/28.03.2023/09:45 UTC+2)

NorCom and Fujitsu enter a partnership to implement DaSense Community Open Source (DaSense COS). With DaSense COS, authorities receive the artificial intelligence (AI) platform DaSense free of charge. NorCom contributes the AI ​​know-how, while Fujitsu takes care of the pre-installation and delivery of DaSense COS. The companies are jointly responsible for the coordination of the project, as well as further developments, maintenance, service, and support.

Working together to advance the digitization of public administration

Fujitsu is one of the world's largest IT groups and offers tailor-made digital solutions. The portfolio right from conception to implementation, operation and orchestration of digital ecosystems. Fujitsu is working on the holistic and efficient digitization of administration. The company is well networked in the German government landscape, has excellent contacts and a large customer base.

NorCom has also been serving customers from public administration for many years - with a focus on the use of artificial intelligence. NorCom sees itself as an AI expert for software, middleware and hardware and thus optimizes the entire infrastructure of public authorities for digital applications.

The open-source software DaSense used is a powerful AI platform for comprehensive data and document management. All data from an authority is bundled on DaSense and made available for artificial intelligence applications. Specific specialist know-how can be mapped to DaSense using any number of AI apps. For additional user support, Chat GPT is integrated into DaSense - and takes over the creation of the AI ​​apps, for example.

Authorities thus create their own intellectual property and retain sovereignty over the data.

"For us, Fujitsu is the ideal partner for the ambitious DaSense COS project. The good network in authorities and the sales power of the team bring us a big step forward in the implementation of our idea," comments Dr. Tobias Abthoff, Managing Director at NorCom, the partnership.

NorCom will present DaSense COS as a partner at the Fujitsu annual conference on digital administration to around 150 high-ranking participants from the public sector.

DaSense Community Open Source

Open source follows the philosophy that software is better when it is shared and modified in a large group of users, is open and collaborative.

The community receives the source code of the software for free - and in return helps to make it better, modify it and develop it further, ultimately making it more durable. German authorities form the community that gets exclusive, free access to DaSense. You receive the rights to unlimited use and further development of the software. Improvements and further development can take place across the board. Authorities do not have to share their individual applications but can do so and thus benefit from each other's acquired knowledge. This is how the digitization of the German administration is progressing cooperatively.

More information on the Fujitsu Annual Conference on Digital Administration:

More information about partnership:

Flyer DaSense COS / Fujitsu & NorCom


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