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DO & CO Aktiengesellschaft: Conversion of Bonds into new shares; issuance of new shares

Vienna / Istanbul (pta037/27.02.2023/14:00 UTC+1)

In January 2021, DO & CO Aktiengesellschaft (the "Company") had placed convertible bonds maturing on 28 January 2026 with an aggregate principal amount of EUR 100 million, divided into 1,000 convertible bonds with a denomination of EUR 100,000 each (the "Bonds"). The settlement of the Bonds took place on 28 January 2021.

Today, the Company issued a total number of 14,882 new shares derived from the conditional capital increase which was resolved on by the extraordinary meeting of shareholders of the Company on 15 January 2021 to holders of Bonds who have submitted valid conversion notices for Bonds with a total principal amount of EUR 1,200,000. The aggregate principal amount of the remaining Bonds is EUR 94,100,000.

By issuance of these 14,882 new shares, the number of shares in the Company has increased from 9,802,289 shares to a total of 9,817,171 shares and the share capital of the Company has increased from EUR 19,604,578 to a total of EUR 19,634,342.

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