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Creactives Group SpA: Resolutions of the Board of Directors of 3 February 2023

Verona (pta032/03.02.2023/18:00 UTC+1)

Verona, February 3, 2023. Creactives Group S.p.A. ("Creactives Group" or the "Company") (ISIN IT0005408593 - ticker: CREG), an international company that develops Artificial Intelligence technologies to address real-life business problems in the Supply Chain, announces that the Board of Directors of the Company, which met today, executed the authorization to increase the share capital assigned by the Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting pursuant to Article 2443 of the Italian Civil Code on 28 October 2020 (the "Authorization"), for a maximum nominal amount of 19.354,82, over premium, by issuing a maximum number of 967.741 ordinary shares, with no indication of par value, having the same characteristics as those already in circulation on the issue date, with regular entitlement, to be offered for subscription to (i) qualified investors pursuant to art. 2, lett. e), of Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 in Italy, in the Member States of the European Economic Area and in the United Kingdom, and (ii) foreign institutional investors outside the United States of America and with the exclusion of Canada, Japan, Australia, and South Africa, in accordance with Regulation S adopted pursuant to the Securities Act of 1933 as subsequently amended.

The final subscription deadline is 31 December 2023. The shares will be offered at a price between Euro 1,55 (of which 0,02 share capital and 1,53 share premium) and Euro 2,17 (of which 0,02 share capital and 2,15 share premium), provided that the final price of the newly issued shares, even within the above price range, as well as the punctual number of them, will be determined by the Board of Directors near the date of the beginning of the negotiations.

It should be noted that the Board of Statutory Auditors issued a positive opinion on the fairness of the issue price in compliance with the provisions of Article 2441(6) of the Italian Civil Code.

The capital increase is functional to the admission to the Company's trading on EGM PRO, and therefore to attract new investors and increase the liquidity of the stock. The exclusion of the right of option is therefore intended to allow the Company access to trading on EGM PRO and to allow new investors to enter the share capital of the same. By excluding the right of option, the Company, by finding new resources from third parties, will thus be able to expand its company structure, resulting in greater financial capacity to support and facilitate the development, growth, and strengthening of its capital and financial position.

The Company will notify the result of the Capital Increase in accordance with applicable legal and regulatory provisions. A notice of change in share capital will then be made in accordance with the provisions of Article 2444 of the Italian Civil Code.

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