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Talenthouse AG: Talenthouse to partner with digital banking provider Nerve

Baar (pta/20.10.2022/06:00 UTC+2)

Talenthouse AG ("Talenthouse" or the "Company"), is investing in US-based digital SME banking provider, Nerve. With access to digital banking solutions, Talenthouse's 18+ million community members can benefit from greater transparency and improved efficiency in payments.

Nerve is a US-based provider of embedded banking and payment solutions that specialises in powering banking services for creatives. Tailored towards the Creator Economy, Nerve will power TalentPlus, Talenthouse's financial solution for Creators, where Creators will be able to manage their business finances including paying and invoicing clients from a single point of access.

TalentPlus is a much needed solution that was created to address feedback from Talenthouse's Creator community asking for a more reliable and faster payout method. Nerve was selected given its combination of instant payout capabilities, innovative banking services, and deep respect and understanding of creators' financial challenges.

Through TalentPlus, Creators within the Talenthouse community will be able to send invoices, download tax statements and receive payments all within a single app, with further creative-focused services to follow. The immediate benefit for creatives will be a reduction in the intermediaries currently involved in executing payments and as a result, the process will be more cost-effective and efficient for the creative community.

Talenthouse can invest up to $7 million, using a combination of cash and equity investment, to take a stake in Nerve's solution ahead of its US market launch this year. Through the combination of Nerve's platform and Talenthouse's vast community in the US, Talenthouse sees the potential to create one of the world's largest digital financial offerings.

TalentPlus plans to launch in the US this year and expand into several markets in 2023, including the UK and Latin America through its respective licensed partners in each region.

Clare McKeeve, CEO of Talenthouse AG states: "This is a significant step into the US vertical banking market for Talenthouse. Alongside our licensed partners, we plan to recreate this financial services model across several markets in the near future including the UK and Latin America. We have been incredibly impressed by and have huge confidence in the Nerve team, underlined by our significant strategic investment."

John Waupsh, CEO of Nerve states: "We are super excited about collaborating with Talenthouse AG and the TalentPlus team to drive innovation for creative businesses and delivering financial services to an underserved community. This partnership will expand our payments and banking services to Talenthouse's US-based Creators, dramatically improving the financial services available to the creator economy."

Michael Callas, SVP and Global Head of TalentPlus states: "Nerve is a game changer for creatives in the United States. Thanks to our strategic partnership we will be perfectly positioned to become creatives' single point of access to banking, insurance, accounting and a substantial suite of lifestyle and business services. We're poised to help millions to create freely."

Additional Information

The Creator Economy is estimated to be worth over $2.8 trillion and is accelerating, driven by the growing demand for digital content used in advertising and entertainment. More than 303 million people globally now consider themselves to be creatives (according to a report from Adobe in August 2022).

The TalentPlus concept emerged from a Talenthouse pilot programme called elloU. The feedback from creatives revealed a need for a lifestyle-centric financial solution that supports them with personal and business money management. This unique subsect of professionals have been historically underserved by mainstream financial institutions that have traditionally taken a one-size-fits-all approach to serving their customers' needs.

About Talenthouse AG

Talenthouse AG is a technology platform company, working with the world's largest creative community of over 18 million members, to produce the highest quality digital content for many of the largest companies globally, including Netflix and Universal Music Group.

Talenthouse AG, which unites the creative platforms of Talenthouse, EyeEm, Ello, Creative Commission, Coolabi, Zooppa and Jovoto, is leading a structural shift in the way that creative content is produced, employing a platform business model to source content at the scale and quality required to keep pace with consumer demand in the digital age. In doing so, it is also opening up opportunities for a much larger pool of creative talent.

TalentPlus is Talenthouse AG's financial services vertical, providing Creators with financial services solutions to support their creative endeavours.

The company is registered in Switzerland and operationally headquartered in London with offices in LA, NYC, Berlin, Venice, Peterborough and Philadelphia. For more information visit:

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About Nerve

Nerve's mission is to help creators of all types create sustainable businesses. Nerve offers a multitude of easy-to-use tools to help English and Spanish-speaking U.S.-based creators manage their finances, including business debit and savings accounts, and free instant payments to other users. Nerve is a financial technology company and not a bank – banking services are provided by Piermont Bank, Member FDIC.

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