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Creactives Group SpA: Consolidated Annual results 21-22

Verona (pta025/23.09.2022/20:36 UTC+2)

  • Value of Production grew organically by 13% from 5,3M EUR (FY 20-21) to 6M EUR (FY 21-22)
  • Total recurrent revenues in FY 21-22 is 52% of total revenues, compared to 45% of FY 20-21
  • SaaS revenue grew by 63% from 1,3M EUR (FY 20-21) to 2,1M EUR (FY 21-22)
  • Annual recurring revenue ("ARR") grew by 68% from 2,2M EUR (FY 20-21) to 3,8M EUR (FY 21-22)
  • Net Debt decreased substantially from 1M EUR (FY 20-21) to 390k EUR (FY 21-22), thanks to the cash generated from the business development activities and a good management of the working capital
  • International revenue is close to 80%, with strong growth in the UK, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Mexico
  • Very low churn rate: 6 new clients vs 1 lost customer (38K€ ARR) in FY 21-22

Verona, September 23, 2022. The Board of Directors of Creactives Group S.p.A. ("Creactives Group") (ISIN IT0005408593 - ticker: CREG), an international company that develops Artificial Intelligence technologies to address real-life business problems in the Supply Chain, today approved the draft financial statements (both consolidated and as a single company) as at June 30, 2022, which will be resolved by the shareholders' meeting on October 26, 2022.

Paolo Gamberoni, Chairman of the Board of Directors, comments: "In the last year, the consolidated value of production grew organically by 13%, passing from 5,2M EUR to 6M EUR, mostly thanks to the increase in the number of customers - now 45 - and to the growth of the recurring revenue, that now are over the 50% of total revenues. The annual recurring revenue (ARR), an important KPI to value the quality of a tech company, grew by 70%, passing from 2,2M EUR to 3,8M EUR. In particular, the SaaS revenue, which just 2 years ago was 750k EUR, in the last year exceeded 2M EUR, thus showing a significant improvement. Despite the pandemic was still present during FY 21-22, especially the last winter - and the war in Ukraine with all the related macroeconomic consequences exploded across the spring - we managed to achieve another positive year, increasing the international reach of our company. The revenue from outside Italy accounts for ca. 80% of the total business and in the last year, we recorded strong growth in countries like the UK, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Mexico. Last but not least, notable mention to the Net Debt, which decreased substantially from 1M EUR to 390k EUR, thanks to the cash generated from the business development activities".

The draft financial statements will be made available online in the coming weeks, according to the call of the Annual Shareholders Meeting, which will take place on October 26, 2022.


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