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Where VIP dental veneers are stored in a former bank vault

Eram opens exclusive clinic for aesthetic dentistry and medical aesthetics in Zurich

Zurich (pts032/22.08.2022/15:20)

THE ERAM CLINIC, an exclusive clinic for orofacial treatments and medical aesthetics for the mouth and face, will open in the prestigious 'Hochhaus zur Palme' in the city of Zurich at the end of September 2022. THE ERAM CLINIC, founded by the Swiss entrepreneurial couple Zahra Eram and Riccardo Meili, aims to make Zurich a global hub for holistic orofacial treatments and become the leading institute for first-class aesthetic dentistry and medical aesthetics. The multidisciplinary clinic spans three floors and is luxuriously and elegantly furnished. It boasts state-of-the-art treatment facilities and a fully digitalised in-house dental laboratory to manufacture the highest-quality dental prosthetics. THE ERAM CLINIC offers unique 24-hour care and a concierge service for its discerning clientele from Switzerland and abroad, including royal families and international celebrities from the worlds of sport, politics, business, film and show business. The official opening will take place on 20 September 2022 with an exclusive opening event at which numerous prominent guests and well-known personalities from Switzerland and across the globe are expected.

After a planning and construction period of around two years, THE ERAM CLINIC will open at the end of September 2022 in the city of Zurich at Bleicherweg 33 in the "Hochhaus zur Palme", one of the oldest and most prestigious high-rise buildings in the city, built in the 1960s by the renowned local architects Haefeli Moser Steiger. The new clinic conserves the historical monuments and unique characteristics of the building and will occupy a total of more than 1,000 square metres across three floors in what was formerly the former second-largest branch of Credit Suisse, in a prime location in Zurich's Enge district. With its luxuriously elegant furnishings and state-of-the-art interior design, there are five modern treatment rooms and operating theatres, an in-house, fully digitalised dental laboratory for dental prosthetics of the highest standard, as well as a studio for photo shoots and a reception area with a reception, bar and showroom. Two separate waiting areas guarantee absolute discretion for the exclusive international clientele from the worlds of sports, politics, business, film and show business.

Zurich to become the global hub for first-class orofacial treatments

THE ERAM CLINIC is founded by the Swiss entrepreneurial couple Zahra Eram and Riccardo Meili, who also own and manage the business. A distinguished entrepreneur with international roots who studied in various countries, Zahra Eram has more than 15 years of experience in successful business development and management in the field of aesthetic dentistry. Her partner, Riccardo Meili, is a former Swiss professional footballer and private banker. The power couple founded the 'Eram Dental Health Clinic', a leading Swiss clinic for dental health and aesthetics as well as professional dental hygiene and dental prophylaxis, in Zurich in 2015. This clinic will now be integrated into the new THE ERAM CLINIC. The Swiss entrepreneur couple have excellent international connections and live with their children in Switzerland, near Zurich.

THE ERAM CLINIC pursues a new and holistic approach to dentistry that focuses on health, beauty and well-being. At the THE ERAM CLINIC, only highly qualified specialists in the fields of aesthetic dentistry, oral surgery and orthodontics, plastic and aesthetic surgery, and dermatology advise and treat patients in close cooperation with specialists in nutritional counselling, cosmetics and nursing. The focus is on individual care for patients, fulfilling their wishes and meeting needs through a personal, in-house concierge service before, during and after treatments. In future, THE ERAM CLINIC will employ about 30 to 40 members of staff who speak a total of more than 15 languages making customers feel at ease.

Genuine million-dollar smiles stored in the bank vault

The opening of THE ERAM CLINIC marks a milestone for Zahra Eram, founder and owner, and Riccardo Meili, founder and COO, both personally and entrepreneurially. "We often hear from patients who travel abroad for treatment because they are unable find a suitably holistic offer where dental and medical specialists work hand-in-hand and in one place, here in Switzerland. We want to counteract this and make Zurich a global hub for orofacial treatments with THE ERAM CLINIC. Our aim is to be the first address for people from across the globe who want a smile with beautiful teeth that is in harmony with their face - and who want the best aesthetic dentistry and medical aesthetics as well as outstanding patient care from a single source in a single location," says entrepreneur Zahra Eram.

Zahra Eram and Riccardo Meili are responsible for the new premises' conception, design, and interior. The entrepreneurial couple drew their inspiration from visits to numerous renowned architects and interior designers in cities such as Paris and Milan. The highlight will be one of only eight existing artworks worldwide by French sculptor Richard Orlinski, one of the most famous pop artists in the world today.

In addition, the former bank vault serves as a secure storage space for the exclusive dental veneers developed in THE ERAM CLINIC. What distinguishes the customised 'Eram-Veneers' from conventional veneers and makes them exclusive is that the colour mixtures are unique and produced exclusively in-house by the Eram laboratory, tailor-made for each patient. The revolutionary concept of THE ERAM CLINIC also allows for the incorporation of precious metals, diamonds, jewels, objets d'art and other very individual valuables if desired, so that the personal and exclusive veneers can also become part of a literal million-dollar smile.

Focus on the well-being and holistic aesthetics of the face and mouth

"The exclusive premises and medical facilities, advanced technologies, and our innovative proprietary dental care products, in addition to medical facial aesthetics, the luxurious atmosphere and attention to detail, and a 24-hour care service that is unique of its kind, make THE ERAM CLINIC the ultimate destination for our patients, who, as our guests, feel personally cared for and individually looked after. This comprehensive offer also reflects our concept and philosophy of a new and holistic treatment approach in medical facial aesthetics. The opening of our new clinic is therefore a milestone in the development of our company and a great honour at the same time," Zahra Eram continues.

Commenting on the successful concept of THE ERAM CLINIC, Riccardo Meili says: "We pursue a holistic approach of lifestyle, well-being, luxury and elegance, specialising in the aesthetics of the mouth and face, and aim to be a pioneer in global dentistry. We are convinced that a unique and individual smile can completely change and strengthen a person's self-confidence and appearance. Everything must be in harmony for the optimal result. We therefore focus not only on the teeth but on the entire face and offer medical facial aesthetic treatments such as Botox and fillers. Our aim is to simultaneously create a symmetrical, harmonious and functional dental appearance and a radiant smile of the highest quality, which in turn matches the respective facial appearance. To this end, THE ERAM CLINIC brings together a team of renowned and experienced specialists in aesthetic dentistry, plastic surgery, and aesthetic medicine that is unique across the world."

Maximum discretion and privacy with an exclusive 24-hour concierge service

THE ERAM CLINIC is primarily aimed at a premium segment with very demanding customers, for whom personal well-being and aesthetic awareness are paramount in addition to the highest professional standards during treatment. "For our patients, we want to create a unique and comprehensive customer experience before, during and after their treatment with us at the clinic," says Riccardo Meili. "We take a holistic approach, and everything our patients see, hear, smell and even taste - we have our own mouthwash - is unique and designed to provide our customers with a relaxing and enjoyable experience."

The highest level of discretion and privacy is always the top priority for all patients. "We have a large customer base in Switzerland as well as patients from all over the world, and we treat numerous international celebrities from sports, politics, business, film and show business, as well as members of royal families from the Arab region, Asia, North America and Europe. When they travel to Switzerland for dental treatments and plastic surgery, they want to experience medical treatments of the highest standard combined with exclusive customer service. That is why we have specialised in patients travelling from abroad with our own Patient Care Management, which is unique in the industry," says Riccardo Meili.

A team of personal Patient Care Managers takes care of all the individual needs of the patients with a 24-hour care and concierge service, including travel planning, a discreet stay in Switzerland, catering by personal chefs, organising child and family care, excursions, cultural and sports activities, and general medical care. For this purpose, the clinic also has a personal network of various specialised service providers in Switzerland and abroad at its disposal, which the entrepreneurial couple has personally curated over the years.

Fully digitalised dental laboratory for Eram Smile veneers and dental care products

The direct exchange between patients and medical professionals is of decisive importance for the success of any treatment. To be able to respond even more effectively to the individual needs and wishes of patients, THE ERAM CLINIC has its own fully digitalised dental laboratory for the manufacture of high-quality dental prosthetics. This enables a fast and direct exchange between the dentist, the dental technicians and the patient. This eliminates time-consuming referrals and sequential treatments by different medical professionals at different locations. In addition, the treatment result is much more precise, and every detail of the patient's wishes can be directly influenced.

THE ERAM CLINIC also develops a unique range of exclusive ceramic veneers in collaboration with medical experts and external scientists at its in-house dental laboratory and offers these veneers exclusively at the THE ERAM CLINIC. In addition, the launch of an own brand of oral care products is planned for the near future. Furthermore, the Eram Dental Health Clinic has already been in existence in the immediate vicinity of the new clinic since 2015, and its range of products and services in the field of state-of-the-art dentistry, orthodontics and oral surgery has already attracted a global clientele and achieved international renown. As a result, the Eram Smile has been praised many times by influencers and celebrities alike for its exceptional results, which are unique and perfectly designed. Eram Dental Health Clinic will continue to exist as an integral part of the new THE ERAM CLINIC.

Media event and clinic tour on Monday, 19 September 2022, 10-12 hrs.

Dear media representatives - We cordially invite you to a media talk followed by a tour of the new THE ERAM CLINIC in Zurich. A separate invitation will follow shortly.

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