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Singulus Technologies Aktiengesellschaft: Preliminary key financial figures (unaudited) for the first half of 2022

Kahl am Main (pta015/11.08.2022/08:10 UTC+2)

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The SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES reports preliminary key financial figures (unaudited) for the first half of 2022

  • Sales revenues increase to € 44.2 million (previous year: € 25.9 million)
  • EBIT of € 1.5 million significantly improved (previous year: € - 8.2 million)
  • Order backlog increased to €104.0 million (June 30, 2021: €86.4 million)
  • Liquidity unchanged at € 14.8 million (December 31, 2021: € 14.9 million)
  • Continuation of positive trend for fiscal year 2022
  • Vote without meeting for bond in August

Kahl am Main, 11 August 2022 - The SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG (SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES) reports preliminary key financial figures for the 1st half of 2022. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES was able to achieve increases in sales and earnings compared with the 1st half of 2021.

Revenues in the amount of € 44.2 million in the first half of 2022 exceeded the comparable figure of € 25.9 million in the previous year. In the second quarter of 2022, sales of € 22.8 million (previous year: € 11.0 million) were realized.

The second quarter of 2022 was positive with earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) of € 1.4 million (previous year: € -5.0 million). EBIT in the first half of 2022 improved and reached € 1.5 million (previous year: € -8.2 million).

In the first half of 2022, the gross margin was at the level of the previous year and amounted to 26.8% (previous year: 26.6%). Freely available liquidity was stable and amounted to € 14.8 million as of June 30, 2022, compared to € 14.9 million as of December 31, 2021. Order intake in the reporting period reached € 33.5 million. Order intake in the comparable period of 2021 was €36.0 million. In the 2nd quarter, order intake amounted to €27.1 million (previous year: €28.0 million). The order backlog increased further and reached €104.0 million (June 30, 2022) : €86.4 million).

The number of employees as of June 30, 2022 in the SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Group remained at a constant level of 335 employees compared with the previous year (December 31, 2021: 333 employees).

According to IFRS, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES expects an increase in sales and earnings figures for the current year 2022 compared with the past business years 2020 and 2021. Dr. Stefan Rinck, CEO SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES: "Despite the persistently difficult environment, in particular in connection with disrupted supply chains and the Russia-Ukraine war, we also expect the operating earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) to develop positively for the current year"

Dr. Rinck continues, "Achieving these improved financial ratios is contingent on business activities in all segments developing according to plan. However, the Russia-Ukraine war could have a negative impact on the development of sales, production processes, and purchasing and logistics processes, for example due to interruptions in the supply chains or bottleneck situations for components as well as raw materials and intermediates."


SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES invites the bondholders to vote in a poll without a meeting within the period from Friday, August 26 at 0:00 am (CEST), until Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 24:00 am (CEST). The complete invitation is available as of today in the Federal Gazette and on the website of SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES ( under the section "Bond" If the vote without a meeting pursuant to § 18 and §§ 5 et seq. SchVG does not constitute a quorum because the required quorum of 50 % of the outstanding bonds (§ 15 para. 3 sentence 1 SchVG) was not reached, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES will invite to a subsequent second creditors' meeting. At the second creditors' meeting the required quorum is 25 % of the outstanding bonds.

The Company continues to aim to obtain the two outstanding attestations after the end of the second creditors' meeting and the legally binding resolutions at the end of October 2022.

SINGULUS TECHNOLGOIES Group key figures according to IFRS (unaudited)

1st Half 20212022
Sales (gross)in million €25.944.2
Order intakein million €36.033.5
Order backlog (June 30)in million €86.4104.0
EBITin million €-8.21.5
EBITDAin million €-5.93.5
Earnings before taxesin million €-9.10.9
Net profit/lossin million €-8.91.2
Employees (Dec. 30.06) 340335
Earnings per share, basic-1.000.10

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES – Thin-Film Coating and Surface Treatment

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES develops and assembles innovative machines and systems for efficient thin-film coating and surface treatment processes, which are used worldwide in the Photovoltaics, Semiconductor, Medical Technology, Packaging, Glass & Automotive as well as Battery & Hydrogen markets. The company's core competencies include various processes of coating technology, surface treatment as well as wet-chemical and thermal production processes.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES sees sustainability as an opportunity to position itself with innovative products. In the focus are:

  • Environmental awareness
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Avoidance of unnecessary CO2 pollution

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES attaches great importance to responsible and sustainable corporate governance.

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