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IA Capital Structures (Ireland) plc: Notes issued under its EUR 5,000,000,000 Secured Note Programme

Grand Cayman (pta048/22.02.2022/23:50 UTC+1) IA Capital Structures (Ireland) plc (the "Issuer") - Notes issued under its EUR 5,000,000,000 Secured Note Programme (the "Notes")


The Issuer wishes to announce that it has received a number of plenary summonses in respect of proceedings initiated in the High Court of Ireland in which the Issuer is named, amongst others, as a defendant (the "Proceedings"). The Proceedings relate to the AD Markets (Series 36) Notes (*) due 2020 that were first issued by the Issuer on 4 September 2015 (the "Series 36 Notes").

The Proceedings have been taken by various parties who invested in the Series 36 Notes (the "Plaintiffs") and who are asserting claims for damages against the Issuer for breach of contract, damages for negligence, damages for negligent misstatement and/or actionable non-disclosure and damages for breach of duty including statutory duty.

The Plaintiffs claim that the Issuer owed express and / or implied duties to the Plaintiffs pursuant to contract and / or pursuant to statute and / or at common law, which were breached by the Issuer.

The Issuer is not currently in a position to express any view on the likely outcome of the Proceedings, or the potential impact, if any, on holders of notes issued by the Issuer pursuant to its EUR 5,000,000,000 Secured Note Programme.

(*) IA Capital Active Series / ISIN
XS0785895581, XS0855794367, XS0972245285, XS1021727364, XS1102848618, XS1121503822, XS1132653293, XS1199017580, XS1224713658, XS1239745653, XS1246650862, XS1246651597, XS1282635603, XS1278528713, XS1276705958, XS1276707228, XS1304663542, XS1341167226, XS1332125159, XS1332125662, XS1337366113, XS1369650426, XS1382368543, XS1394744145, XS1382369350, XS1475740020, XS1432510045, XS1433260046, XS1457633474, XS1479559798, XS1516350326, XS1518623068, XS1495638576, XS1495642255, XS1519032400, XS1539826518, XS1571036364, XS1637086551, XS1650146779, XS1609301798, XS1632784994, XS1637086395, XS1637322204, XS1668825752, XS1734201533, XS1797835250, XS1760842606, XS1711924479, XS1740245375, XS1731049281, XS1760842861, XS1785120566, XS1757381006, XS1766463902, XS1799977548, XS1799959306, XS1825757120

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