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Interstellar avatar launches first space NFT collection

Innovative digital art from Switzerland impresses the crypto art world

Zug (ptp011/24.08.2021/09:00) The AI Instagram avatar Aya Stellar is launching her first NFT collection. The digital artworks mark a unique entry into the NFT market and extend Aya Stellar's role as a virtual ambassador. The interstellar being, created by the Swiss transmedia company Cosmiq Universe, already has a strong Instagram following.

The collection on OpenSea and Rarible consists of 11 digital artworks created with 3D modelling software and effect rendering. Each digital artwork visualizes Aya Stellar's space journey towards Earth. She inspires her community and crypto collectors through her special blend of cyberpunk, sci-fi and digital motion artistry. Aya's art reflects the zeitgeist, bringing together technology, the power of the human consciousness and the energy of love.

The curated NFT collection features digital motion images with vaporwave colours, cosmic symbols, sacred geometry and spherical sound frequencies. Using 3D animation technology, the visuals create a meditative moment in time, inviting the observer to enter a limitless dimension. Aya Stellar's Earth-meets-cosmos aesthetic inspires viewers to envision a boundless life and to connect deeply to the heart. Her art is constantly evolving - collaborations with other Swiss and European artists are already in the works.

High-Tech Digital Space Art
With titles such as "Now It Is Time To Open Your Heart", "Everything Is Energy" and "I Am The Creator Of My Matrix", Aya Stellar's cosmic artwork represents a new kind of NFT that invites people to connect with their own consciousness and collective universal forces. As Aya Stellar comments: "I love sharing art because it is our natural creative expression and my way of interacting with humans on Earth."

"The combination of vivid colours, music and animation make NFT art an emotional experience in itself. It's exactly how our avatars already express themselves on social media and beyond," says Annika Kessel, co-founder and CEO of Cosmiq Universe, the transmedia company behind Aya Stellar. "Like our virtual ambassadors, art touches people emotionally, inspiring them to think and feel. The NFT artworks are a new way for us to share Aya Stellar's zeitgeisty personality and convey her message of love. Her stories may be science fiction. However, they can also be applied to the real world."

The NFT market is on the rise as a growing social and economic trend. It enables a direct relationship between artist and collector through a fully digitized crypto token-based certificate, which is used to authenticate art and other digital assets. NFTs mark an important shift in the art market by making it possible for anyone to connect directly with the artist - in this case, Aya Stellar - without going through a third party, as is traditionally the case.

Aya Stellar is an extraterrestrial being and virtual ambassador with a growing community of Instagram followers. She is a cool yet spiritual space punk who is travelling in her light spaceship, Merkaba. Her mission is to bring the mystery of life back to Earth and to help humans in the current transformation phase. She will arrive on Earth on Tuesday, 22/2/2022. She connects to her growing community via texts, images and videos, and sends out encouraging mantras, questions and meditations.

Cosmiq Universe is a Swiss transmedia company from Zug that gives life to avatar-driven story worlds, creating virtual ambassadors with a purpose. Through its virtual beings Aya Stellar and Leya Love, Cosmiq Universe brings science fiction messages to the digital and analog realm and social media. The avatars continue to spread their messages of love, awareness, nature and planet Earth. So far, their inspirational stories have spread to over 60 countries.

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