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Heidelberg (pta015/08.03.2021/11:00) - Highlights
- Novel technology promises significant performance improvements in batteries.
- Potential improvemenjavascript:loadHelp()ts in lithium-ion battery life, capacity and rechargeability expected from Altech technology.
- First phase of comprehensive battery testing shows desired positive effects.
- Further test runs for reproducibility to follow.

Altech Advanced Materials AG ("AAM") (FRA: AMA1) is pleased to announce that Altech Chemicals Australia Pty Ltd (Altech) has completed the first phase of battery testing of graphite particles coated with high purity alumina (HPA) using Altech's proprietary coating technology.

Altech is currently developing a novel technology by means of which the performance and service life of batteries in the field of electromobility can be significantly increased. A new coating technology for the anode in batteries is expected to significantly reduce the initial charge loss of approximately 8 percent of battery capacity that always occurs, increase battery life by up to 20 percent and improve performance during fast charge cycles. The results of an initial round of tests to date confirm these expectations. For this purpose, a certain number of battery electrodes were each produced with uncoated standard graphite particles for the anode (the control) and the same number of anodes with HPA-coated graphite particles (using Altech's technology). Then 100 charge and discharge cycles were performed and the results for the coated graphite anodes compared to the uncoated anodes were as expected. The next step will now be to perform additional charge and discharge cycles to obtain reproducibility and consistency results. To fully evaluate the emerging significant advantage of the new technology, new commercial graphite materials are now being coated and battery performance tests are being repeated.

Altech's lead scientist, Dr. Jingyuan Liu, was very encouraged by the first phase of results. "We will now optimize the test conditions and repeat the tests to ensure reproducibility and consistency. So far, the performance of the alumina-coated graphite particles has met all our expectations."

The results now available support the development and production path taken towards market readiness of the Altech coating technology, which can become a milestone in battery development and the targeted expansion of electromobility. The feasibility of Altech coating has already been demonstrated. This involves coating graphite particles, such as those typically used in the anode in lithium-ion batteries, with a nanolayer of high-purity aluminum oxide (HPA). The demonstration showed that Altech's nanotechnology is capable of depositing an ultra-thin and uniform durable layer of alumina (about 2nm thick) on anode graphite particles. It is the uniformity and durability of an alumina layer on anode graphite that is in focus to improve the performance of lithium-ion batteries.

A preliminary study is currently underway to build a coating facility for high-purity alumina (HPA) battery materials in Saxony, Germany. The results of the battery tests will be incorporated into the design of this facility. The test work follows the company's strategy to transform Altech's high-purity alumina into specialized products, the use of which in lithium-ion battery manufacturing should lead to more efficient battery products.
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Heidelberg-based Altech Advanced Materials AG (ISIN: DE000A2LQUJ6), which is listed on the stock exchange, is a technology leader for the optimization of batteries in electromobility. Nanocoatings with high-purity aluminum oxide can prevent the normal power loss of about 8 percent during the initial charge of a lithium-ion battery. In addition, the service life can be extended by up to 20 percent and the fast-charging behavior can be improved by the aluminum oxide coatings. Final product testing for the patent-protected technology is underway. AAM holds a significant stake in Altech Industries Germany, which is establishing a first production site for the nanocoatings in Germany in Saxony. Altech Advanced Materials is also integrated in the international production activities of Altech Chemicals Ltd, Australia, resulting in additional opportunities in the growth sector of alumina. Further information at:

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