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Wolftank-Adisa Holding AG: Establishment of Wolftank Hydrogen GmbH in Bolzano.

A new player in the green hydrogen industry.

Innsbruck (pta028/07.12.2020/11:30 UTC+1) Due to the great demand, which is reflected in a large number of concrete enquiries and ongoing projects throughout the group, as well as the extraordinary potential of the Hydrogen (H2) Initiative for the decarbonisation of energy supply, which has been decided and promoted by the EU, the Wolftank-Adisa Group has now bundled its more than 30 years of expertise and business activities in the gas plant sector in Wolftank Hydrogen GmbH, which is to contribute actively and sustainably to the development of the European green hydrogen infrastructure.
The Wolftank-Adisa Group is already a member of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance of the European Union.
Group CEO, Dr. Peter Werth, commented: "Our technologies, some of which have already been used for years in hydrogen supply, enable an energy-efficient link between green hydrogen production plants and the end user in both small and large networks. Whenever I visit our branch in Bolzano, I am pleased to look at the highly visible hydrogen filling station we were able to participate and which has been reliably refuelling hydrogen vehicles for over 5 years".
Due to its excellent customer relations, the company expects a stable and rapidly increasing order intake for the provision of components and the construction of systems for refuelling vehicles with hydrogen. This against the concrete background of realising the North-South corridor for European heavy goods traffic. Depending on the technical design, a hydrogen refuelling system is traded at between 2 million euros and 3 million euros.
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Emitter: Wolftank-Adisa Holding AG
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Contact Person: Dr. Peter Werth
Phone: +43 (0)512 345726
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Stock Exchange(s): Vienna Stock Exchange (Direct Market Plus)
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