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Public disclosure of inside information according to article 17 MAR

Software AG: Ad-hoc: Evidence of data downloads due to malware attack obtained

Darmstadt (pta029/08.10.2020/14:36) - Ad hoc Disclosure (Inside Information according to article 17 MAR)

Software AG: Ad-hoc: Evidence of data downloads due to malware attack obtained

On 5 October 2020, Software AG disclosed that it is affected by a malware attack. The malware is not fully contained yet, and Software AG's systems remain being affected by the attack.

Today, Software AG has obtained first evidence that data was downloaded from Software AG's servers and employee notebooks. There are still no indications for services to the customers, including the cloud-based services, being disrupted. The company is refining its operations and internal processes continuously.

Software AG is further investigating the incident and is doing everything in its power to contain the data leak and to resolve the ongoing disruption of its internal systems, in particular to restart its internal systems as soon as possible which had been shut down for security reasons.

Darmstadt, October 8, 2020

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