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Creactives Group SpA: Annual results 19-20

Bologna (pta038/25.09.2020/20:55) - Bologna, September 25, 2020. The Board of Directors of Creactives Group S.p.A. ("Creactives Group") (ISIN IT0005408593 - ticker: CREG), an international company that develops Artificial Intelligence technologies to address real-life business problems in the Supply Chain, today approved the draft financial statements as at June 30 2020, which will be resolved by the shareholders' meeting on October 28 2020. Accordingly to the draft financial statements, Creactives Group recorded net profit of 61.499 Euro, net equity of 2.569.018 Euro, cash availabilities of 395.889 Euro, zero financial debt. Data are still provisional and unaudited.

Creactives Group is the result of the business combination between Balaban Technology S.p.A. ("Balaban") and Creactives S.p.A. ("Creactives"). This is the first year of operations.

Balaban is a Search Company focused on technology, founded in February 2020 and promoted by Giandomenico (Nico) Sica and Massimo Grosso. Creactives is a software company, founded at the beginning of 2000 by Paolo Gamberoni and Adriano Garibotto, which develops Artificial Intelligence solutions for real-time procurement insights and assures data quality at the source of purchasing processes in any ERP or Source to Pay platform.
Creactives sells internationally (78% of its turnover is from outside Italy) and, among its customers, accounts notable brands such as Acciona, Airbus, AVL, BASF, Buzzi Unicem, CAF, Dubai Petroleum, Enel, Gestamp, Heraeus, Lenzing, Siemens, Tetra Pak, Unicredit.
Seven days after its foundations Balaban signed the preliminary agreement with Creactives, and then raised 2,3M EUR from 24 Italian and foreign Investors, both professional and institutional, through a convertible bond to support its business combination, completed on April 24, 2020. The bond has been converted into equity on May 7, 2020.
The whole activity has been carried out during the full lockdown (ref. Covid-19 pandemic) and subsequently Creactives Group listed on Vienna Stock Exchange on May 20, 2020 (ref. Press Release May 19, 2020). After the listing on Vienna Stock Exchange, Creactives Group invested in its fully owned subsidiary Creactives, subscribing a capital increase of 1.612.481 Euro, which increased the share capital of Creactives from 387.519 Euro to 2.000.000 Euro.

During the meeting, the Board of Directors also analyzed the performances of Creactives.

Main financial KPis of Creactives

30/06/17 30/06/18 30/06/19 30/06/20
REVENUE 2.430 2.999 3.669 3.318
EBITDA 650 908 760 - 149
D&A - 692 - 779 - 798 - 805
EBIT - 41 129 - 38 - 954
EBT 1 266 87 - 837
NET PROFIT 27 232 58 - 846
NET EQUITY 1.229 1.677 1.735 1.501
NET DEBT 1.553 1.605 1.454 1.405
- cash availabilities 8 21 191 1.107

(data are in EUR and in '000)

While in the period "June 2019 - March 2020" the company recorded a sound double-digit growth, in line with the expectations and with the business plan shared with the market, starting from April 2020 the company started decreasing its business performances significantly and ended the year with a slight decrease in the net sales - if compared to 2019/2020 - and with a loss, due to the fact that the company didn't stop investing during the whole pandemic period.

Creactives Group will release a letter to the shareholders later today, so to comment on the group results.
The full reports of Creactives Group and Creactives will be made available on the website of the company at the address

Other relevant resolutions

The Board of Directors granted President Paolo Gamberoni with executive powers to run the ordinary business of Creactives Group. Adriano Garibotto and Giandomenico Sica stay in the board of directors as non-executive directors.

The Board of Directors of Creactives Group resolved to propose to the shareholders the appointment of an independent auditing firm, in line with the commitment to bring the company to the highest level of market standard. Furthermore, in the light of the business combination between Balaban Technology SpA and Creactives SpA which gave rise to Creactives Group SpA, resulting in a change in the shareholding structure of the company and the reference shareholders, the Board of Statutory Auditors of Creactives Group SpA announced to the Board of Directors of the company the will to resign after the completion of its activities relating to the financial year ended at June 30 2020, so as to allow the shareholders' meeting to be held on October 28 2020 to appoint new members of the board who represent the will of the current new shareholders.

The Annual Shareholders Meeting will take place on October 28, 2020.

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