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Frequentis AG: New projects confirm market leadership in Aeronautical Message Handling Systems

Vienna (pta010/28.07.2020/08:59) - * Aeronautical Message Handling Systems (AMHS) used for processing and transmitting aeronautical messages
* Subsidiary Frequentis Comsoft with strong AMHS competence
* System has been tested and approved in Chile, new order for French overseas territories

Based on a standard for air-to-ground communication of the International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO (a specialised agency of the United Nations), aviation messages are transmitted and processed in an Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS). These "Notice-to-Airmen" (NOTAMs) contain, for instance, flight plans or meteorological data.

The Frequentis Group is the global leader in AMHS, with systems already in use in around 90 countries worldwide. The subsidiary Frequentis Comsoft, based in Karlsruhe, Germany, provides the relevant expertise with its product AIDA-NG.

Current projects confirm the company's strong market position: The French air navigation service provider DSNA has recently opted for an AMHS system from Frequentis Comsoft to further expand airspace communication and fully support the AMHS service profiles of ICAO.

DSNA provides air traffic control services in seven air traffic control centres, two of which are located overseas, in French Polynesia and in French Guiana. The overseas locations New Caledonia, French Guinea, Martinique, Guadeloupe, and La Réunion have already been equipped with an AMHS, the system for French Polynesia Tahiti will come next.

AMHS is also successfully operating in Chile. The Chilean air traffic control is not only responsible for Chile itself, with a length of more than 5,500 km, but also for a large part of the southern Pacific and Antarctic airspace. The improvement of the air traffic services in this region is a major concern - the new system is significantly contributing to the modernisation and extension of these services.

After Colombia, Peru and Venezuela, Chile is the fourth country in the South American region to rely on a Frequentis Comsoft AMHS as its central messaging system.

About FREQUENTIS Comsoft

Frequentis Comsoft was founded by Frequentis in 2016 from major assets of the previous Comsoft GmbH, established in 1979. Its expertise covers a vast proportion of the modern ATM industry.

The Frequentis Comsoft team is also a turnkey integrator of the EUROCONTROL ARTAS systems offering a comprehensive and field-proven ARTAS service portfolio to Air Traffic Service providers within EUROCONTROL member states but also world-wide.


Frequentis, headquartered in Vienna, is an international supplier of communication and information systems for control centres with safety-critical tasks. Such 'control centre solutions' are developed and marketed by Frequentis in the business sectors Air Traffic Management (civil and military air traffic control, air defence) and Public Safety & Transport (police, fire brigade, ambulance services, shipping, railways). As a global player, Frequentis operates a worldwide network of branches, subsidiaries and local representatives in more than 50 countries.

Products and solutions from Frequentis can be found in over 30,000 operator working positions and in approximately 140 countries. Founded in 1947, Frequentis considers itself to be the global market leader in voice communication systems for air traffic control with a market share of around 30%. In addition, the Frequentis Group's AIM (aeronautical information management) and AMHS (aeronautical message handling) systems, as well as GSM-R systems for Public Transport are industry leading global solutions.

The shares of Frequentis AG are traded on the Vienna and Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol FQT (ISIN: ATFREQUENT09). In 2019, the Frequentis Group had about 1,850 employees worldwide and generated revenues of EUR 303.6 million and EBIT of EUR 17.2 million.

For more information, please visit

Brigitte Gschiegl, Director Corporate Communications, Frequentis AG,, +43 1 81150-1301

Stefan Marin, Head of Investor Relations, Frequentis AG,, +43 1 81150-1074

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