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Greek artist Angie Antonakis presents her unique work of art and her newly published art catalogue in Barcelona

Angie continues her journey with ARTBOX.PROJECT - this time with a stop in the Spain

Zurich/Barcelona (ptp028/09.03.2020/14:00) The Greek-born artist Angie Antonakis announces today that she will present one of her vibrant artworks in the European art metropolis Barcelona from 18 to 22 March 2020 as part of the ARTBOX.PROJECT Barcelona 1.0. In a prestigious art gallery near the Arc de Triomf, she will present her artistic work digitally alongside with her newly published artist catalogue.

Angie Antonakis was born in Sparta, Greece, but grew up in Montreal, Canada. After completing her social studies, she moved with her family to the USA. During this time she became socially active by supporting local artists and artistic community endeavors. In 1997, she was named president of the Parsons-Bruce Art Association in South Boston, Virginia, an affiliate of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. In this position, she was instrumental in the transformation of an old tobacco factory into a Cultural Art Center, known as "The Prizery". She organized an art exhibition with 18 artists that was used to secure a grant for 4 million dollars for its renovation. "The Prizery" which includes an art gallery, theatre and an information center, still exists to this day as a cultural and regional landmark.

In 2015, Angie Antonakis picked up one of her sister's spatulas at her art studio and magically created her first abstract acrylic painting on canvas. Under her sister Vasiliki Antonakis' guidance, and with an undivided devotion to painting, Angie visually describes an inner state of reality. She has created a substantial body of unique and emotionally provocative artwork.

Angie Antonakis is working within the combined influences of the turn of the century New- York School of automatic-surrealist and the "Les Automatises" movement in Montreal of automatic painting. Angie Antonakis has a personal form of expression taking the automatic technique to another level. She uses a pallette knife and vivid colors to create abstract action painting on canvas that vibrates an overall energy. Through a creative process o intuitive improvisation, the paintings expand the subconscious. The canvas becomes a world of its own, where it exists as a crystalized moment of the past and present. The random generated fantasies of bizarre incomplete suggested imagery is for the viewer an escape into the creative power of Antonakis' mind. At times the imagery reflects the events and turmoils of society in a nightmarish way and at other times the lyrical worlds of miraculous phantasms. Angie Antonakis has recently contributed to the art culture of the city of Sparta, Greece, by creating the Angakis Gallery. She currently resides in Illinois, USA, and exhibits her work globally.

All art enthusiasts are cordially invited to visit Angie Antonakis' artwork, alongside the works of numerous other artists from all around the world, from 18th to 22nd March 2020 in the Valid World Hall at Buenaventura Muñoz 6 in Barcelona, Spain.

In addition to her digitally presented artwork, her new artist catalogue will also be put on display during the exhibition. On 24 pages, visitors can delve into Angie Antonakis' diverse portfolio. Thanks to the high-quality printing, the colourful pictures are shown to their best advantage.

Angie Antonakis' art catalogue can now also be ordered on:

Further information on the creative work of Angie Antonakis can be found on her website:

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