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Wolftank-Adisa Holding AG: Wolftank-Adisa Holding AG announces Xetra and Frankfurt Stock-Exchange Listing

Innsbruck (pta/14.02.2020/10:24) - Wolftank-Adisa Holding AG, based in Innsbruck, today announced its Xetra listing on Deutsche Börse.
mwb Wertpapierhandelsbank AG, as designated sponsor, will handle the trading of Wolftank Adisa Holding shares with immediate effect and therefore ensure more liquidity and a higher turnover in the share.
Additionally to the existing stock markets Vienna and Munich, Wolftank-Adisa Holding shares are now also listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
"After a pleasing operative year, we would now like to focus more strongly on our capital market presence and investor relations, says Dr. Peter Werth, CEO of Wolftank-Adisa-Holding AG. In this context, we are particularly interested to draw the attention to ecological sustainability given the background of our environmental protection and tank rehabilitation activities, leading above all in more active trading of our shares.
We are convinced that our efforts and measures will increasingly get higher attention by the public and ecologically-minded investors", Werth continues.

About Wolftank-Adisa Holding AG:
Wolftank-Adisa Holding AG is the parent corporation of an international group of companies focusing on environmental protection services for contaminated soils and facilities, remediation and monitoring of (large-scale) tank farms, as well as full-service engineering services for LNG- and petrol stations. The company is active worldwide and uses various patented application technologies with the aid of high-tech epoxy resins developed in-house.

Wolftank-Adisa Holding AG (ISIN: AT0000A25NJ6; WKN: A2PBHR) is trading on the Munich Stock Exchange and is also listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.

Please find additional information and documentation on the internet website of Wolftank-Adisa Holding AG under

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Emitter: Wolftank-Adisa Holding AG
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Contact Person: Dr. Peter Werth
Phone: +43 (0)512 345726
ISIN(s): AT0000A25NJ6 (Share)
Stock Exchange(s): Direct Market Plus in Vienna
Other Stock Exchanges: m:access in München