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Digital sex support for Sweden! "I willl App" makes legal sex possible!

"I willl App" makes legal sex possible !
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Vienna (pts030/06.07.2018/19:00) - As at 1 July, Austrian "I willl-App" finishes up with the legal #meToo grey area in sex

Sweden is getting serious and is once again a pioneer. Here, an act to prevent sexual crimes enters into force on 1 July 2018. It is about the unequivocal "Yes" of both partners to perform the sexual act. In times of #meToo, this sound good and right, but the problem lies in the practical execution. Because, how should a consensual agreement to a sexual act between two quite willing partners be arranged in practice?

The solution comes from a clever software team from Austria, which thought about it and developed the first App worldwide where one can generate a legally secure documentation that a sexual approach also lodges any following execution of the act literally on record. When using the "I willl App", it generates verification optionally either by mobile phone video, voice memo or electronic signature, which documents the consent and provides both partners with greater security during and particularly after sex. The storage of the consent is discrete on one's own mobile or tablet and can, if required, also be transferred encrypted to the partner. Effective immediately, the "I willl App" can be downloaded to any Smartphone via "Play Store" (Android) and "App Store" (Apple).

Info under: http://www.iwilllapp.com/index.php/en/

Link to Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.startitapp.iwilll

Easiest operation and discretions are prerequisites for the use in "hot" situations!

Essentially, the law in Sweden implies that there has to be inequivalent consent to sex by the sexual partners. Principally, also a verbal declaration of consent is sufficient; however, in subsequent interpersonal disputes there is always the question of 'who tells the truth'. Co-founder Martin Stopfer: "Particularly in times of #meToo, the mutual consent to sex should be a basic prerequisite in our current times, also without any legal obligation. However, Sweden is going one step further and wants to make the consent prior to sex legally binding. We therefore asked ourselves how one could document such a consensual agreement in a, let's say, erotically heated atmosphere as simply as possible. By way of mobile phone and our easy to use App, the law is satisfied without leaving the erotic along the wayside." Both partners have the certainty to have done everything right due to the Austrian "I willl App". There is no rude awakening or a fear of subsequent legal consequences of a stormy night.

The development team around Thomas Ceschka and Martin Stopfer is convinced of the worldwide success of the sex consent App. "Our App is ready and we welcome global sex with consent", smiles Thomas Ceschka of the I willl App team.

Info under: http://www.iwilllapp.com/index.php/en/

Link to App Store: Coming Soon

Link to Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.startitapp.iwilll

Press contact:
Thomas Ceschka
Phone: +43 664 9693057
Email: office@iwilllapp.com


Aussender: Start it App S.K.C. GmbH
Ansprechpartner: Thomas Ceschka
Tel.: +43 664 9693057
Website: www.iwilllapp.com
Start it App S.K.C. GmbH
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