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Masterflex SE: Strong revenue boost and improved EBIT margin in Q1

Revenue up 14.4% at Eur 20.0 million - EBIT margin of 9.8% - Integration of APT in line with plan

Medical device of Fleima-Plastic

Medical device of Fleima-Plastic

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Gelsenkirchen (pta012/05.05.2017/07:31 UTC+2) The manufacturer of high-tech hoses and connection systems started the financial year (FY) 2017 with a boost in revenue. The Masterflex Group did business worth Eur 20.0 million in the first quarter of 2017; this is growth of 14.4% against the same quarter of the previous year (Eur 17.5 million). This is partly attributable to the new acquisition APT GmbH, which has now been consolidated for the first time. The innovative hose manufacturer also grew organically in nearly all the regions it currently serves, especially in the USA.

The operating result of the Masterflex Group climbed by 7.2% in this period to Eur 2.0 million (Eur 1.8 million). The resulting EBIT margin is 9.8% and is again - after the margin of 9.2% achieved in FY 2016 - close to the double-digit EBIT margin still targeted for 2017. The development of the operating result is lagging slightly behind the revenue growth partly as a result of accruals during the year. In addition, the acquisition of the comparatively somewhat more material-intensive APT has brought slight shifts in the use of materials and staff. The materials usage ratio (cost of materials of Eur 6.4 million in relation to total operating performance) is now 32.4% in Q1/2017 and thus slightly above that of the same quarter of the previous year (30.8%). In contrast, the staff cost ratio (staff costs of Eur 7.3 million in relation to total operating performance) is 36.8% and thus slightly below the previous year's figure (38.6%) and the figure for FY 2016 (39.5%).

The CEO of the Masterflex Group, Dr Andreas Bastin: "The figures for the first quarter show a really good start to 2017. The integration of our new acquisition APT has gone off without a hitch; the fluoropolymer specialist's business is performing well, as expected. The capital increase to preserve our balance sheet ratios was carried out successfully; we thus expanded our investor base. Operationally, we continue to work on preparing the entire Group for the diverse challenges of the future."

The Masterflex Group did not slouch in the first quarter of 2017 when it came to innovation, either. Together with a business partner, the injection moulding manufacturer Fleima-Plastic, which operates primarily in the field of medical technology, developed a special type of material, "Novodur® HD M203FC G3", for the production of medical accessories. With a glass fibre content of 16% and its biocompatibility, this ABS material already meets the requirements of ISO 10993. Fleima-Plastic is now using this new material to manufacture and market casings as well as caps and lancing devices (see photo). In addition, Masterduct, the Masterflex Group's US brand, has brought a new, all-weather hose onto the market in the USA, which very efficiently brings gases, especially air, into difficult-to-reach or poorly ventilated parts of buildings. The specially lined plastic hose is flame-resistant, water-repellent and can withstand difficult conditions of minus 34°C to around plus 150°C. Both new products were received by the market with great interest.

In the first quarter of 2017, the financial result fell by 32.9% quarter on quarter to minus Eur 0.3 million. This is due entirely to the increased utilisation of the syndicated loan as a result of the site expansion in Gelsenkirchen and to the purchase of APT.
The earnings before taxes and non-operating expenses (EBT) of Eur 1.7 million are 3.6% higher than in the previous year (Eur 1.6 million). The non-operating expenses of Eur 0.2 million (same quarter of the previous year: 0) include all non-recurring expenses for legal consulting, etc., due to the acquisition of APT and the subsequent capital increase. Including this extraordinary expense, the earnings per share amount to Eur 0.10; this is a 23.1% decline against the same quarter of the previous year (Eur 0.13).

The key figures for the first three months of 2017 can be found in the table below. The full balance sheet as at 31 March 2017, along with the income statement, statement of comprehensive income and cash flow statement for Q1/2017 can be found online at

Key Figures Q1/201731.03.201731.03.2016Change
Consolidated revenue(kEur)19,96817,46114.4%
EBITDA (kEur)2,7272,4869.7%
Operating EBIT (kEur)1,9531,8227.2%
EBIT (kEur)1,7501,822-4.0%
Financial result (kEur)-299-225-32.9%
EBT (kEur)1,4511,597-9.1%
Consolidated income from continued business units (BU, kEur)9621,099-12.5%
Consolidated income freom discontinued BU(kEur)-1-366.7%
Consolidated income (kEur)9581,103-13.1%
EpS from continued BU (Eur)0.100.13-23.1%
EpS from discontinued BU (Eur)00-
EpS (Eur)0.100.13-23.1%
EBIT margin9.8%10.4%
Consolidated equity (kEur)35,58028,70124.0%
Total assets (kEur)72,82860,41220.6%
Consolidated equity ratio (%)48.9%47.5%
* Change to the average of the period of time


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