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Coverage: 6,500 TV Stations Worldwide

Grabner & Gretzmacher's Rocket Media lends new face to the TV communication of tomorrow

Vienna (pts013/02.12.2014/10:45) Rocket Media Communications is the story of a revolution. Marketing expert Michael Grabner and film-maker Christoph Gretzmacher are television producers of a new generation. They establish connections between the world of television information and entertainment we have been used to and that which we might expect in the future. They show after 15 years of experience the possible future of motion picture communication. Thanks to their outstanding broadcasting tools, long established standards have been turned upside down and paved the way to international TV stations.

Every day, thousands of TV stations worldwide must come up with interesting content and, of course a great deal of importance is attached to cutting costs wherever possible. Even the market leaders in the segment put the focus on getting watchable documentary programmes whilst keeping the costs as low as possible. In the business of TV broadcasting "rocket media communications(TM)" has made it, to provide those TV stations with professional motion picture information and entertainment in the desired formats and languages - geared to target groups and completely free of charge. Compared to this, Youtube, Vimeo & Co can merely be considered as secondary exploitation resource of content.

The concept is simple: Cooperating with Rocket Media rids the client from the high cost for broadcast minutes with respect to commercials of media agencies and TV networks. Instead they are able to put focus on compelling, editorial film productions (documentaries, features, reportages, news) and using an intelligent distribution system by providing their material to interested TV stations around the world, who need to cover their daily broadcasting times. 6,500 TV & network stations on six continents are currently being served with TV formats - tailored to their individual needs.

Global TV communication with double-digit growth

During the recent years, Rocket Media has established a high degree of expertise for these services and currently develops productions for clients based in Central and Eastern Europe, including Russia and Kazakhstan, says Gretzmacher: "When it comes to publishing relevant news concerning politics, economic developments, sports or corporate news worldwide, it is inevitable to extend the distribution system that contains written articles and images. Often, the conveyance of emotions is completely missing. The constant broadcasting of consistently interesting content by way of documentary formats for TV channels ensures more attention and sustainability."

Grabner & Gretzmacher have built up an unrivalled network and a virtually unlimited pool of TV stations around the world, including some that even provide a guarantee to broadcast programs. The already achieved rating figures and media values speak for themselves: "rocket media communications(TM)" is international market leader in this field. The guarantee promises up to 500 broadcasting hours per documentary film to be broadcasted in the desired target markets with an equivalent media value of up to Eur25 million and a net-range of minimum 200 million viewers.

For instance, the films and TV documentaries of the Asian Winter Games 2011 were broadcasted by over 690 TV stations worldwide, including BBC, Euronews, CNN, Eurosport, Russia Today, CCTV and Reuters. The result: 1.600 broadcasting hours and 1.4 billion viewers. Rocket Media also was responsible for the TV coverage of the Astana Economic Forum 2012 and 2013, the Atom Project 2012 and the Energy Globe Award for Sustainability 2002-2014. The agency is currently working for tourism organisations in Austria, Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia, Switzerland, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Production, distribution and documentation from a single source

Rocket Media produces and coordinates TV productions, marketing activities, and satellite broadcasting as well as the complete reporting. The team also acquires the TV rights for each broadcast and collects feedback from the broadcasters regarding the results. That way, Rocket Media not only provides permanent TV presence for its clients by providing for an effective research on the respective topics, but also by putting considerable effort into the evaluation and analysis. Above all, the TV productions are broadcasted on far-reaching and the most important TV stations which enables them to win over a worldwide audience and achieve the best possible media output at relative low costs.

Public relations in the field of motion pictures

"The formula for success is infotainment and entertainment created with passion and commitment in the creative workshop by Rocket Media", Gretzmacher explains. A vast pool of information, strategic messages and customer products & brands are wrapped up into interesting stories like TV documentaries, reportages or news formats. Since the production processes are backed by highly qualified journalists, the formats promise a high level of credibility whilst achieving international relevance by linking topics of global economic, cultural and social nature.

Rocket Media CEO Michael Grabner aptly calls it "public relations conveyed by means of motion pictures" and adds: "We can provide it to our clients without them having to pay for expensive advertising time." The client only has to pay for the TV production and the distribution service; the broadcasting itself is free of charge for him. The free provision of TV formats for TV broadcasters and networks in global target markets enables the client to reach both, the maximum audience and to make the most out of the broadcasting hours, even on global TV networks.

It doesn't come as a surprise that this overwhelming response from the media has raised the interest of international companies like Nokia, Siemens or LIC China that want Rocket Media to represent their companies and products using this new kind of communication in international television. What makes Rocket Media stand out from the crowd? Worldwide presence, global attention on a variety of topics, impressive media values at relatively low costs, authentic communication and an interest factor with lasting effect.

About Rocket Media Communications
Based in Austria, rocket media communications(TM) is a highly specialised producer and marketing partner for TV content with excellent international references. The agency produces tailored TV formats for economic locations, tourism destinations and socio-political concerns and ensures a coverage of up to 6,500 television stations & networks around the world - with great reach and hundreds of broadcasting hours at relatively low costs. Rocket Media tells the stories of its clients without annoying commercials and lives up to its promise of delivering informative and entertaining material.

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