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1. Pure VoIP too complicated for the mass market
Untertitel: Forrester study says user-friendly improvements are needed
Veröffentlichung: 05.04.2007 23:30 - pte20070405032 / Redaktionelle Meldung
Aussender: newsfox
Text: With VoIP being a fast developing mode of Internet telephony, the competitive edge sees vendors vying for a top place in the market. However in a recent study, "The VoIP Customer Experience: Work in Progress ...
2. NEDINE showcased to media representatives from South East Europe
Untertitel: European news distribution network is open for further partners from the region
Veröffentlichung: 07.05.2006 12:51 - pte20060507003 / Redaktionelle Meldung
Aussender: newsfox
Text: The independent association "NEDINE" (European News Distribution Network), founded in fall 2005, was showcased to about eighty media and business representatives from Austria, East- and South East Europe ...
3. Tobacco ban to effect UK sport, says Walker
Veröffentlichung: 29.07.2005 16:07 - pte20050729045 / Redaktionelle Meldung
Aussender: newsfox
Text: Sir Rodney Walker, ex-UK Sport chairman, and now chairman of World Snooker, says that the new tobacco sponsorship ban , which comes into force on Sunday, will ...
4. Judge issues restraining order on Google employee
Untertitel: Ex-Microsoft worker could divulge secrets
Veröffentlichung: 29.07.2005 15:58 - pte20050729044 / Redaktionelle Meldung
Aussender: newsfox
Text: Former Microsoft executive Kai-Fu Lee, who was hired by Google , has been barred from working on search technologies, business strategies, planning or development related to the computer ...
5. Brit radio station Gaydar expands to travel market
Untertitel: Gay and lesbian radio station launches online holiday service
Veröffentlichung: 29.07.2005 15:32 - pte20050729038 / Redaktionelle Meldung
Aussender: newsfox
Text: The gay and lesbian digital radio station Gaydar is launching an online holiday service with a £1m (1.4m euro) advertising campaign. Gaydar, whose parent company is QSoft Consulting, has an audience of ...
6. Volkswagen posts profits on all fronts
Untertitel: Restructuring efforts on track and will continue
Veröffentlichung: 29.07.2005 13:18 - pte20050729027 / Redaktionelle Meldung
Aussender: newsfox
Text: The German auto manufacturer Volkswagen reported first-half operating profits of 61.6 per cent to 1.4 billion euros, sale profits of 1.9 per cent to 46 billion euros and a rise in net ...
7. EU gives nod to new climate pact
Untertitel: The pact involves the US and 5 Asia-Pacific countries
Veröffentlichung: 29.07.2005 12:56 - pte20050729024 / Redaktionelle Meldung
Aussender: newsfox
Text: The European Union cautiously welcomed a new pact centred on cutting greenhouse gasses and improving the ecosystem . The pact involves the United States and ...
8. Learning by doing: not necessarily through thought processes
Untertitel: A new study shows that humans use the primitive ability of 'habit learning'
Veröffentlichung: 28.07.2005 12:37 - pte20050728041 / Redaktionelle Meldung
Aussender: newsfox
Text: A new study on cognitive ability shows that humans can learn skills without knowing what they have done or how they have done it, much like the way primates do. The results of the study, led by neuroscientist ...
9. Illegal file sharers 'buy more music'
Untertitel: Those downloading music illegally spend more money on digital music
Veröffentlichung: 28.07.2005 12:03 - pte20050728038 / Redaktionelle Meldung
Aussender: newsfox
Text: According to a study done by the music research firm The Leading Question, people who download music illegally from the Internet actually spend four-and-a-half times more on legal digital music than those ...
10. Virgin tycoon to fulfil dream of space flight
Untertitel: Branson announces deal to build spaceships for public flights
Veröffentlichung: 28.07.2005 10:59 - pte20050728025 / Redaktionelle Meldung
Aussender: newsfox
Text: Sir Richard Branson of Virgin fame has ordered the building of five spaceships for Virgin Galactic, his public space flight venture. Branson intends to make it possible for ordinary citizens to experience ...
11. EU tobacco-ad ban effective this week
Untertitel: No more ads in print media, radio or Internet
Veröffentlichung: 28.07.2005 10:35 - pte20050728022 / Redaktionelle Meldung
Aussender: newsfox
Text: Effective from 31st July, the European Union ban on tobacco advertising will cover all 25 member states and prohibits advertisements in print media, radio and over the Internet ...
12. Phelps wins 2nd of 8 possible gold medals
Veröffentlichung: 27.07.2005 16:13 - pte20050727043 / Redaktionelle Meldung
Aussender: newsfox
Text: Michael Phelps, who had planned to take eight gold medals home from Montreal , won his second yesterday in the men's 200 metres freestyle in one minute 45.20 seconds. ...
13. Murdoch plans revamp of TV Guide in lieu of flagging sales
Untertitel: The biggest US weekly mag not selling due to increased Internet usage
Veröffentlichung: 27.07.2005 16:00 - pte20050727042 / Redaktionelle Meldung
Aussender: newsfox
Text: Rupert Murdoch's TV Guide, the biggest weekly magazine in America, is to get a face lift, following years of declining sales. Readers of the magazine, which lists TV programmes nationwide, are increasingly ...
14. HIV on the rise in Eastern Europe
Untertitel: Virus is travelling along the Afghanistan heroin-trafficking highways
Veröffentlichung: 27.07.2005 15:29 - pte20050727036 / Redaktionelle Meldung
Aussender: newsfox
Text: At the International Aids Society Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, researchers warned that an epidemic of HIV infections is sweeping along the well-known heroin-trafficking ...
15. ID theft made easier by high-tech industry
Untertitel: Victims struggle to clear their name
Veröffentlichung: 27.07.2005 14:48 - pte20050727033 / Redaktionelle Meldung
Aussender: newsfox
Text: Vulnerable computer systems, security breaches, and online shopping in the high-tech industry are making it increasingly easier for fraudulent activity. The industry maintains that only a small percentage ...
16. EU to control money transfers to cut terrorist funding
Untertitel: Commission aims to strengthen the front in fight against terrorism
Veröffentlichung: 27.07.2005 13:20 - pte20050727027 / Redaktionelle Meldung
Aussender: newsfox
Text: The European Commission has proposed to tighten control over money transfers in the eurozone in an effort to prohibit funding for terrorist attacks. Banks and monetary institutions would require the recording ...
17. Japan's win over Real Madrid overshadowed by Beckham tiff
Veröffentlichung: 26.07.2005 16:40 - pte20050726050 / Redaktionelle Meldung
Aussender: newsfox
Text: Real Madrid conceded a 3-0 loss to Tokyo Verdy, a shock for many fans, but what got more publicity was Beckham's minor skirmish with Kazuyuki Toda. The feud began in the first ...
18. Carnivorous mice feast on seabird chicks
Untertitel: Outcome could alter the eco system and lead to bird extinction
Veröffentlichung: 26.07.2005 16:24 - pte20050726049 / Redaktionelle Meldung
Aussender: newsfox
Text: Conservationists and scientists are warning that a strange behaviour from carnivorous mice may endanger the bird population on Gough Island in the South Atlantic. Hundreds of thousands of overgrown mice ...
19. Payola scam exposed at BMG
Untertitel: Radio stations proven to have taken bribes for airplay
Veröffentlichung: 26.07.2005 15:50 - pte20050726046 / Redaktionelle Meldung
Aussender: newsfox
Text: Following a year-long investigation into Sony BMG's aggressive and underhanded tactics to garner airplay for its artists, the company has agreed to pay $10m (8.2m euros) to settle allegations ...
20. Mobile market to see surge by end of decade
Untertitel: Experts predict that games will be worth more than porn
Veröffentlichung: 26.07.2005 14:53 - pte20050726041 / Redaktionelle Meldung
Aussender: newsfox
Text: In a recent report, the analyst house Informa Telecoms and Media wrote that the market for mobile content will be worth US$42.8bn (35.4bn euros) by the end of 2009, of which $11.2bn ...