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Swiss artist Rosalba Arcilla will exhibit at the SWISSARTEXPO

Publication of the new art catalogue

Zürich, Switzerland (ptp030/29.07.2019/14:00) The artist Rosalba Arcilla, born in 1968, announces that her artworks have been accepted by the creative committee of the Swiss art festival SWISSARTEXPO. Several of her original artworks will be on display from 15 to 19 August 2019 in Zurich's main station hall during the SWISSARTEXPO.

After her initial artistic studies at the Rome University of Fine Arts in Rome, Rosalba Arcilla attended various art academies in Paris, Rome and Adliswil. Since 2001 she has been working as a freelance artist in her own studio, where she dedicates herself mainly to painting and mosaics. In 2002 she already celebrated her first successes in her art career - to this day her artworks have been presented at various national and international solo and group exhibitions under different gallery representations.

Rosalba Arcilla sees her artistic work as an interplay between creative spirit, material and craftsmanship. For her, the canvas is a meeting point of the reality of the inner and outer world. When looking at her works, one is struck not only by the extraordinary technique and the fragile, emotional effects, but also by the fascinating depth of the pictures, which invites the viewer to linger and reflect.

As well Rosalba Arcilla loves the variety and challenge of dealing with new things and experimenting. This can be seen in the many techniques and materials she combines in her artworks. Thanks to the skilful use of acrylic, pastel, bitumen, wax, ink and "Brou de Noix", Rosalba Arcilla succeeds in creating a unique overall picture. "For me, the creation of each painting and series feels like a new breakthrough," explains the artist. Her travels around the globe, her passion for music and literature and her openness to foreign peoples and cultures serve as a source of inspiration. That these themes run like a red thread through her works will also be demonstrated at the SWISSARTEXPO when Rosalba Arcilla presents her painting "Hayle Beach" as well as two pictures from the series "Urban Contact and Rainy Days".

Today she also announced the publication of her new art catalogue. In it Rosalba Arcilla presents a variation of 17 works from her artistic oeuvre. Thanks to the very high-quality print, the works presented are shown to their best advantage and make you curious about more. The catalogue will also be shown at the Swiss arts festival SWISSARTEXPO in Zurich as a major prelude - around 400,000 visitors are expected. All art lovers are cordially invited to view the new art catalogue and original works by Rosalba Arcilla live in Zurich during this time.

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