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Do, 24.05.2018 13:55
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IBIN introduced into billion dollar blockchain market by Hybrid Stock Exchange - www.ibin.io

Hybrid Stock Exchange (© Hybrid Stock Exchange)
Hybrid Stock Exchange (© Hybrid Stock Exchange)

Singapore (pts028/24.05.2018/13:55) - Hybrid Stock Exchange, a blockchain based trading platform using the released IBIN as a blockshare identifier, are all set to adopt innovative features to sustain the needs of the ever growing industry. Watch the HYBSE trailer here: http://www.hybse.com

The International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) is a 12 character code that uniquely identifies a specific security, such as stocks, and is the most popular global securities identifier. With the pre-registration for issuers and users opened, the DIM Ecosystem introduces the International Blockshare Identification Number (IBIN), a 13 digit, unique serial number used by a company for listing on the Hybrid Stock Exchange or other Blockchain Exchanges.

Tradable securities on HYBSE currently include Cryptonized equity, Cryptocurrencies, Exchange-traded commodities, index, and more. Any issuers are able to apply for their IBIN at no charge. This limited time offer is available until August 31, 2018 or for the first 75 companies that register. More on http://www.ibin.io

The Data Interchange Module (DIM) cryptocurrency is a p2p, quantity-committed, secure, private and robust digital medium of exchange, built upon the NEM blockchain protocol. Cryptonized assets such as intellectual property or company equity will be available to blockchain and average users through the gateway of HYBSE. DIM Currencies and cryptonised assets can be managed across the globe via computers and handheld devices using a state-of-the-art blockchain wallet called DEPOTWALLET with the mobile version currently in testing phase and soon to be released. The user friendly registration process includes a well thought out KYC model for issuers and users as well as a comprehensive due dillegence process for companies.

Mainstream equity markets suffer from downsides such as limited access for the average person due to very expensive fees, difficult registration proccesses with long waiting periods and challenging interfaces. HYBSE's blockchain-based platform looks to eliminate hurdles by allowing issuers and investors to conduct business on a secure and efficient platform. Lower costs, transparency, user friendly web interface, P2P trading, robust security, and the availability of a large pool of financial instruments are benefits enjoyed by HYBSE users.

HYBSE license of Dealers in Securities in Vanuatu, No. 17911.

DIM Foundation Ltd, Uros Trajkovic
North Canal Road 22, Singapore 048834
Phone +2787 701 0914


Aussender: DIM Foundation Ltd
Ansprechpartner: Uros Trajkovic
Tel.: +2787 701 0914
Website: www.hybse.com
DIM Foundation Ltd
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