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Do, 13.07.2017 14:00
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Swiss Market Maker & Securities AG - Top Partner for Off-Exchange Listing

To jointly promote the business (© Swiss Market Maker)
To jointly promote the business (© Swiss Market Maker)

Zurich (pts020/13.07.2017/14:00) - Swiss Market Maker & Securities AG is a source of data in the Private Equity environment. This company publishes quotes and market data regarding the instruments traded at over-the-counter markets through recognized market data systems.

OTC (over the counter) Rate Notifications

The valuation rate is fixed daily. While the exchange rate may be the same with the closing rate, it is often calculated using the last sales on the related day.

Quotes and market data provide parameters and guiding information for depositors and investors.

With our offers that we make through publication, every day, you can reach millions of people actively following the events on financial markets. The information is sent appropriately to the exact target group, i.e. depositors, consultants, marketing organizations, and all people that are professionally or privately interested in the financial sector.

In addition to its vision to become a leading company in the international OTC market, Swiss Market Maker & Securities AG also tries to achieve greater objectives.

Financial Revolution- Blockchain (the chain block eliminating the need for brokers)

The 21st-Century trading has begun. The new technological development called Blockchain will radically transform the financial industry.

The Blockchain, or in other words, the "Internet of the Values" transports the cryptocurrency papers and securities directly from User to User. Transactions can be executed over the Internet at any time desired, independent of the country and banks. Blockchain allows for seamless execution of transactions among participants without any need for an intermediary to make a payment.

New markets are opened. Securities can now be traded from anywhere on the world for the first time in the history of finance. Thus, the investors in Asia can easily invest in the European companies and the investors in Europe can easily invest in the companies in Asia as well.

The process of transfer of values through banks used as intermediaries has been the same for over 150 years. Blockchain can change it completely. The execution of transactions and transfer of values do not take days any longer; and are completed in just a few minutes in the Blockchain.

As one of the first information service companies, the Swiss Market Maker & Securities AG transfers real financial data to the emerging crypto-market.

We have decided to convert some of our shares into Blockchain securities in order to realize our visions and to promote the Blockchain based on NEM technology.

Further information is available on our website at:
http://www.swissmarketmaker.com and http://www.privateequityquote.com


Aussender: Swiss Market Maker & Securities AG
Ansprechpartner: Faruk Imsak
Tel.: +41 44 313 96 96
Website: www.swissmarketmaker.com
Swiss Market Maker & Securities AG
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