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Erotic model Jessica Luna - a star enters international terrain

Kloten (ptp011/05.02.2014/11:45) - No matter whether as a good school girl, blond vamp or diva - Jessica Luna is uncut possible to perform everything. Her tattooes in bottom, arms and belly promise huge sex appeal, the numerous HD videos and sexily photos of the official web page show: she is impressively. Beside her own site there is also an amount "Social of media-hot doer". On YouTube free clips you can expect possibly the most enthusiast sexy woman to get hot. On the facebook side of the erotic model, the blonde already was able to acquire more than 10,000 fans within the shortest period of time time.

First of all "fuse smelt", most men are becoming fast a "Luna-repetition culprit". Jessica Luna, born in the 5/28/1981, masters the varied demands of your customer missions and fans with bravour. To satisfy all expectations in a perfect way, the erotic model is globally on the move, resulting in autograph sessions, video of trick, various shootings and some new projects for the next year.

A membership on the web page promises other exclusive advantages. Photos and sexy HD clips, for example, are to be watched in full length as well as you get access to the private Live Cam main entrance. Moreover, enthusiasts also can expect contact to Jessica's friends, who are also evident on the web page and in the precalled YouTube channel. More Infos about: http://www.jessicaluna.com/

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Ansprechpartner: Jessica Luna
Tel.: +49 6321 4882344
E-Mail: fs@cmsagentur.com
Website: www.jessicaluna.com
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