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pte20030604034 Medizin/Wellness, Forschung/Entwicklung

Super oil fights fat and cholesterol

Middle chain triglycerides stimulate metabolism

Montreal (pte034/04.06.2003/14:40) - Scientists at McGill University in Montreal http://www.mcgill.ca have developed a new cooking oil that supposedly stimulates a person's metabolism and lowers cholesterol. The developers say the oil is especially beneficial to men who want to lose weight.

The so-called "Functional Oil" is not stored as body fat, but is instead metabolised in the liver and transformed into energy, its makers say.

Under the direction of Peter Jones, the new oil containing middle chain triglycerides (MCT) was compared with oil made of long chain triglycerides (LCT) in two clinical studies on overweight patients. The results showed that the oil reduced cholesterol by 13 per cent in both men and women. Olive oil, which is known as a cholesterol killer, only achieves 4.5 per cent.

Men profited most from the new product. Male subjects in the study lost an average of half a kilogram per month. "A man thereby could lose six kilos a year," said Jones. Among female subjects on average 13 kilos overweight the oil improved metabolism but no fat was lost.

The "Functional Oil" consists of 67 per cent tropical oils, 13 per cent olive oil, six per cent coconut oil and five per cent linseed oil. The researchers say it has no side effects.

The study has been published simultaneously in four professional journals: "International Journal of Obesity", "Journal of Nutrition", "Obesity Research" and "Metabolism". The study was financed by the Forbes Medi-Tech company and the Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) http://www.dairyfarmers.org . Medi-Tech, which owns the patent, is planning to conduct other tests before bringing the oil onto the market.

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